WORLEY Plugs for Sale


I have two Worley Plugs for Sale:

G2 for sale $350.00 or best offer


Taft for sale $140.00 or best offer


How can you sell them? They are tied to your Lightwave dongle.


As far as I know, Worley Labs do allow for license transfers of their plugins.


Why do you need 490$ :slight_smile: j/k


I am betting LightwaveGuy is going to graduate to XSIFoundationGuy :).


"SteveD"I don’t, that’s why it’s “or best offer” :slight_smile:

By the way G2 is Version 1.5

and Taft is 2.0


My 3D life is only a part time thing, a great hobby…


All this XSI hullabaloo aside, maybe you should hold on a little bit. G2 could become a lot more valuable shortly, if the Worley announcements we’re all hoping for this week come to bear! :slight_smile:


My issue is that I don’t use these two plugs that much, and LW is a part time hobby. I do hope that Worley announces that F-Prime is full speed ahead with an opened up LW SDK, and I hope that NT announces a new update with that open SDK…:slight_smile:


But only if you swap the dongles with the buyer.
Because its tied to the dongle, it cant be untied, so the only way they transfer is if you swap dongles.


Yuck, I’m not swapping anything :).

I have the question into Worley…


Just got an email from Worley and this is what they say:


Sorry, we’re not able to allow transfers to a different dongle since there’s
no way to “unlicense” a dongle once the license code as been given. One way
around this problem is to do a dongle replacement with NewTek on the dongle
that you wish to release our plugin from… Then we’re required to give you
a new license code and we can give it to the buyer instead.

Another way would be to swap dongles with the buyer.

-Worley Labs

I wanted to go from parallel to USB anyway as Iam getting a new laptop and this way I don’t need a parallel port.

So These items are still for sale


FYI to do the dongle upgrade (parallel to usb), I do believe you must send in your parallel dongle back to Newtek.


Yep, I’ll have to. But I wanted to get a USB dongle anyway…


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