World's only JetPack flies in New York (Capable of 10 Minute Flights!)


Published on Nov 3, 2015
Exclusive video of the world’s only real JetPack flown in New York around the Statue of Liberty.



Pff, relics of a bygone era…
Here’s the new stuff :


Actually this a brand new concept using Turbojets.

The jetpacks most people are familiar with can only fly for less than a minute.
The problem with the Yves Rossy’s jet wingpack is that it cannot do VTOL flight and you have to jump out of a plane to start it up (kinda like the X1) .


Yeah well, at least with the wing jet, you’re high enough to pull a chute if shit happens. You’re out of luck with the jetpack if the thing fails, which is the main reason why the concept never took off (scuze the pun :smiley: )


Good point. Any failure of the device is going to be catastrophic for the user. Might be smart to just let the concept die.


This “man-pad device” seems to’ve sparked the innovative juices from down under. Another player from NZ has a supped up version in development:

hmm, who dares wins Much…?!