Worlds Collide , Ognian Bonev (3D)


Title: Worlds Collide
Name: Ognian Bonev
Country: Bulgaria
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop

A mechanical Harvester unit caught in a deadly battle with one of the guardians of the realm.

My idea here was to represent the first (and deadly) encounter between two different and opposing species : a mechanical self-reproducible race which invades habitats to harvest all the resources in presence and an Ent-like forest creatures protecting their land (cliché story , I know ;))

Modeled & rendered in 3ds max / mental ray, textures, part of the post fx and additional corrections made in Photoshop.


[font=Verdana][size=2][color=white]Short breakdown / wires here : [/font][/color][/size]


cool concept and great realization. the background is amazing, as is the harvester. the “guardian of the realm” is a little puzzling (blue tentacles coming out of a tree?) but still, great piece.


Very good as always :slight_smile:


ooh, thanks for the breakdown. very cool to see your process



super cool! :] 5*


Just awesome!


very often 3D pictures rich in detail lack some power of expression.
not this.

incredible work
thnx for the breakdown


Simply Amazing! 5*. :thumbsup: All those details and overal image… Great.


Wow this just looks amazing!
Great concept and brilliant
final result. I like it a lot! 4*
(almost 5)


superb idea, i would love to see Trees attack harversters in real life lol, the glow is a nice touch too.


Really like the idea. Lovely colour scheme.


it’s obviously a FANTASY work of art!
you my friend are what us ARTISTS like to call a “technical junkie”:wise:
Very nice work btw!:applause::thumbsup:


like details, great image :thumbsup:


Sick!!! Great image. I looks like some of the depth was lost in the final comp, but not sure that is a bad thing, I just really liked the crispness of the robot and leaves in the progress shot. But, whatever, looks fantastic. Cheers


this is great, 5 stars from me


Such a great composition! Great work on the enviornment, lighting and render. Powerful, vivid and gets the point across. :thumbsup:


Beautifull image, congrats !


AWESOME!! :scream:


Amazing, great picture ! :thumbsup: 4*

+1 ! :cool: