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Hello Everybody, I am a Digital Artist striving to breakin 3D Gaming industry.I am searching World’s Best 3D Gaming school/college Abroad to study. Can anyone suggest one…? I am concerned about the job scenario abroad for international students, after graduating from such schools
.That’s my Major concern…!! So Will it be a wise decision to invest in that much…if I Target the Gaming studios Abroad
please help me with your valuable suggestions soon…as I am looking to choose one in search of a Rewarding career in 3DGaming - Abroad.

Thanks, Mohit Jain


you asked the exact same question twice yesterday.

Please read the sticky about CG Schools. Also take a few minuets to familiarize yourself with the forum rules, as posting the same post several time is called spamming and can get you in serious trouble.


I’ve actually looked at alot of the threads here about cg schools. Most of em are about the 3d animation programs and not Game Dev. Does anyone here have any info on Game Development at any schools?


Most Art Institutes have a game design program.
Vancouver Film School has just started their own program for game design as well.
Mind you, if you are an artist you are better off taking a 3d animation course than a game design course!


It’s a remarkable program, in that the curriculum is designed by actual game company developers, instead of professors.


as far as i know the game development in USA and Canada is way to costly. if u got a good money background try them as far as i know try New zealand. but gaming industry has just started there so u can’t get many opprtunities there. Think twice where u want to go. hey i m tryin for Media school in New zealand next year. and check the schools link. be patient while u see a website. and plz don’t ask the same again this questions.
good luck:thumbsup:


I know a few people going here.


I am a student at the Savannah College of Art and Design and my major is Interactive Design and Game Development. This college is one of the best art school in the U.S. Go to this website
Hunter May



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