World War Z trailer



There’s a game feeling to the swarming 3d zombies… as much as I want, my brain kinda refuse to accept these shots as real.

Creepy though.


I don’t think I have ever seen as much fanboi rage against a trailer then this. Not seeing a lot of positive feedback on this one, but I will hold my opinion until I see it


I like it, but then I´m a sucker for all things zombie.


I think that trailer is incredible. The crowd scenes are frightening and unique, zombies literally spilling over one another like rats in a pile are something I haven’t seen before. This film looks like it could shake up and bring something different to the over-played zombie thing, like Dawn Of The Dead did when that came out.


It’s unique, I just wish they had left the book license off of it, because it’s almost entirely not the book.

On its own, I don’t know if I can get into the starship troopers insect style army ant zombies, but it’s definitely unique.


if you forget the book entirely and look at it objectively (i have not read it) it looks awesome. Zombie Hordes never looked more frightening outside of a football/soccer when the hooligans are let loose.


I am liking the zombie waves, not sure about Pitt though( potential to ruin the film).


wow, im down!

army ant quantity and 28 days later speedy meth-head zombies!

looks epic, i hope it delivers.


I just crawled out to daylight from a cave and I watched WWZ without ever hearing about it, so i was thinking it was about a war and I was “meh”. The running crowds I thought were frightened people and maybe chasing Pitt because he had something to do with the war or what ever.

But after I have read the comments and seen the word zombie, I was “Fast zombies??? Oh yeah”.

To be honest I see two different critiques on the web:

  1. The CGI is bad, you can see the 3d crowds from a mile.
  2. It has nothing to do with the book so the movie sux.

I personally like it a lot, I enjoy fast zombies. Maybe that’s why I liked Leatherface so much. A running villain is so much frightening.

Walking dead just makes me cringe when a character gets surprised eaten by a slow zombie that just spawned behind him.

Can’t wait!


Looks like Roland Emmmerich’s “2012” with Zombies.

This in not the book by a long shot. The book was a satire on society.
Take what ever problem we have and just insert a zombie instead.
What ever cool, interesting and funny bits that were in the book are not in this at all.
Almost make me wish they guys that did “Troll Hunter” would do a zombie movie.


Close match,


Couldn’t agree more.

I’m of the mind that this movie can be viewed as an entirely separate entity from the book. Clearly the content here is way different, but I’m optimistic about this film. It looks like it will bring a refreshing perspective to the genre. Personally I think the CG looks very exciting, and I’m eager to see a narrative that speaks to the containment of this kind of outbreak. I love The Walking Dead, but the focus there is predominantly focused on the characters and not the actual outbreak.


Well I know nothing of the book and I’m one that’s getting burnt out on everything zombies. Having said that, this still looks really cool. Left4Dead the Movie might be a better title.

Sorry its not zombies so much as end-of-the-world disaster-aftermath type films.


Usually, movies starring Brad Pitt are of better-than-average quality.

So in that sense, World War Z may be a pretty decent movie, or at least not “horrible”.

But I agree with others who have said this: Watching the trailer, you realize pretty late in the game that this movie is about Zombies.

Will watch it when it comes out on DVD, probably…



I feel unashamed in loving the whole zombie/infected genre. I consume much of it and look forward to new content. Currently loving Day Z, but would love to see a relentless mass horde featured in a game. Those WWZ scenes were awesome. And Brad aint a bad bloke either.


Try playing the game “Prototype 2” then. You get to fight entire armies of zombies and mutants in it:

Its a good game too. Good for about 15 - 20 hours of hyperviolent fun.


I thought the trailer looked intriguing, but there’s a couple of giant red flags here: This was written for the screen by Damon Lindlehof (aka, the most over-rated screenwriter working today - and the one who wrote “Prometheus”) and the project had many re-shoots, which are typically a sign of a problematic production.


Yeah I’ve also had trouble with the crowd simulations and some other CGI shots which i don’t think sell themselves very well…

Also, is it just me, or the music really reminds the one in the Transformers 3 trailer?

(from 00:50)


Another zombie movie :rolleyes: