Workstation Build $4,500-6,500 budget.


Software being used

-Maya 2018 (Modeling Environments, millions of polys)
-Zbrush (Detail Sculpting)
-Substance Painter (Multiple UDIM Tile 4K Texturing)
-Vray Rendering (Single frame)

I will be using Maya and want the viewport to be fast while in a scene with millions of faces. So I know a high GHZ processor. But I also will be setting up high resolution renders with Vray, so multi threading, but mostly only single frames, not sequences. I will be using Substance so I need a fast GPU, for Vray RT as well. I would love to save some money and get a 1080ti but I am not sure if it works as well with maya, if I were to get a P5000. Also It needs to support Dual 4K monitors.

Suggestions for Dual 4K monitors would be appreciated as well. Price dosn’t have to be included in workstation build.

I don’t want to build this myself. I would like to be able to order a custom workstation configuration, possibly optimized and overclocked, from a company like HP, Origin, Digital Storm, Boxx, whatever you guys suggest. Thanks for the Help in advance!


With this budget and for this use, I would personally build two rigs, one as my main WS based on a 8700K and either a 1080Ti or a P5000 (both are very expensive for what they deliver, but gpu prices are outrageous in general), and a second one as a render slave, based on a 1950X which is a great vfm for rendering tasks.
The 1st rig would cost around 3000-3500$ and the 1950X render slave could be built with around 2000-2200$. Of course, if you want to order a prebuilt WS you would pay a huge premium, maybe 20-30% more than it would cost a custom pc made by you. It’s your choice. I don’t have an experience with prebuilt pcs. I always build my own pcs.
Puget Systems and Boxx are well known in this area, but afaik, their prices are quite expensive.


Thanks for the suggestion Father, I hadn’t considered building two separate systems to meet my needs. Thats a very clever solution. I am figuring this build out for work, and I think they want it prebuilt for reliability, and other such reasons. I have not looked at puget. Boxx does seem very over priced.


There are really no reliability benefits to ordering a pre-built system, other than warranty stuff. Warranty returns/turnaround for repairs aren’t helpful to a business at all. Downtime is more expensive than repairing it yourself, immediately.


I’d say that depends. If you know what you’re doing with drivers, motherboard settings, precheck compatible items etc, then yes you can make a stable machine (always my choice) but for those less inclined to do all the research and trouble shooting, prebuilt systems where it is someone else’s job to fix it, do make sense to many.