Workshop: Menschliche Anatomie


To all German-speaking folks here:

Starting on Monday Sept 1st, I will be holding a free, online Workshop: Menschliche Anatomie at

|[ ]| - Das deutsche Forum für Computergrafik und digitale Kunst

During the course of this multi-part workshop we will explore the human physique & structure in depth from the skeletal set-up up to the superficial muscles in relevance to challenges faced by digital artists involved in character creation etc.

The end result will be a full ecorche’, which can then be posed and used for portfolio purposes and so forth.

All this is done in small chunks of assignments, which should fit into almost any schedule.

For details, please visit: Workshop: Menschliche Anatomie

So if you speak German and have an interest in establishing and/or improving your
anatomical knowledge of the human form: Schaut mal vorbei und macht mit!


PS: Shameless plug, I know. :wink:


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