Workshop - Manga Thread


OK I started another without a reference. What am I doing wrong? Am I trying to make it too detailed?

Kinda looks like an alien!!


hi aggie
ans your question …i guess so.i think at this stage perfecting the pose and expression shud b priority.colors and details can be added later they wont be of much use if character looks clueless:) .like in your previous attempt ,it doesnt really feel u collected enough reference material for making dress(unless you were doin for flintstones…) .do not hesistate in collecting reference for what you draw and in using it.unless you are a super veteran in this field (and i mean around 30+ years in same field…) you cant work without takin ref.i hope i hav been clear,do ask again if somethin pops up.

with respect


Killer - I normally work with some sort of referencing. I find it difficult to get purportions down without it. I have been working on more realistic work that I am use to. I have to try to not be so detailed.


hi im sorry if i offended you in anyway…didnt meant to.i had seen your sketchbook recently it has great work and i really like what you are doin nowdays.i just meant to say that in manga you hav to be more through wid references then in realistic since we hav to stylise it to suit our characters.

take care


No offense taken Killer. I just cannot seem to break the habit of being realistic. Manga is a new form of art I am not use to. Almost like going from traditional to digital. It takes some time and practice to get use to it. Please keep giving comments.


I am using that pose maniacs website. Great site for poses. I tried the manga features on the face, but she looks crosseyed and mad. Not the look I wanted. Ugh! She started without clothes, or skin in that matter. I added a shirt that I see on some Anime cartoons and pants. I may try the face over then color it.


so which one ?


looks cooler with glasses.make them frameless :thumbsup: or circular one lik of girls in ikki tousen


you got any link to them glasses ???


this might help




head zoom in


a tip:
if u look at ur ps inks and pencil work.u wud notice one thing that many features look great in pencil sketch but not in inks lik eyes and d piece of cloth clipped on the shoulder etc.while inking be verrrry careful cuz u might lose the essence of elements which actually made ur sketch look good in first takes some patience and pratice but i know u wil do it:thumbsup:
take care


Revliss - What size paper do you use in traditional? Then I assume you scan that into PS and place it into a layer? What size is your canvas in PS and what resolution?


here is more of Sara


here is Sara mom and accoding to the law of anime the mom look younger then her girl

na not really her mom is immortal so she nevger get old


hey all havnt post for a while here .got busy after job an all :stuck_out_tongue:
some stuff

post more an merry xmas to all


I have been working too!


here is some drawing … no complan that i never color my work any more !!!


Great characters Rev.

Here is what I have been working on lately. I should have used black for a pen to ink it before I scanned it in. Oh well. This is the first time.


rev:that looks beauty
aggie:i see you are really trying to get the manga look.i suggest you check out it’l giv your work lot of boost :smiley:

enjoy postin