Workshop - Manga Thread


haha! wow I didn’t even know there were people who really liked anime/ manga on cgtalk… kick ass…

I’ll def post/ subscibe to this!


This picture is SICK. I love your style.


hey ppl …there hasnt been much of a progress here…enrique when wil your ur workshop be ready bro…anyways here 's one of the sketches i had made somtime back.its line art is not very strong as i was a total noob den but my idea was still convincing enough(at least for me:D )…

and this a more recent 1…

i would love it if people put some c&C on them …


toledo here are the sketches you asked for somtime back…male and female nude basic sketches…iv not used erasers so that u can see al my mistakes and my approach towards work and help me improve it…i request other people to put there stuff too as it would help them.POST STUFF PPL…


Hey… This is MAD old, but I’ll post for the sake of the forum I guess… Haha!

I think that the thing that I did “wrong” a few years back was just jumping in and copying manga without any solid understanding of anatomy etc, which is why I think my style suffered for a long time.

Now I’ve gotten back to focusing on the basics since manga is just a stylized representation of reality. Without understanding realism/ anatomy, one could only hope to mimic and just copy stuff that they see in manga… Well that’s my take on it… But I love the style and will return to it once I get the basics down.


Hi everyone - I am quite a fan of Manga and it has shaped my own style so far - tho what I draw is not 100% Manga as I also looked at a lot of American and English Comics while I was growing up - but from 13 to 16yrs old I cared for Manga most - so I believe that I am some of everything… plus I am still learning :slight_smile: so please critique and I will try to do the same, thankyou :slight_smile:


ok ppl we(digital sol an me)would be starting a manga workshop very soon most probably by the end of this week…other then that those who really want to improve please put up a sketch of male an female nude version of the way u draw so that our guest visit mr toledo(who has bin a manga teacher for 10 years) can see an improve our styles for our bettr…i encourage you to post this so that i can ask him to come over and see…its for your benefit…

digital_embryo:your work has hints of manga but its more western then manga i’l say…C& 1st artwork his right hand looks very wierd and rest fo your ideas are very cool

aLoneCuzzo:ur skillz are very good an you copy well too :thumbsup: (you said you copied not me…haha)


Hi guys,

I’m going to move this thread to the Tutorials and Workshops SubForum here on the Anatomy Forum. I’ve left a redirect on the main Anatomy Forum so everyone can find it. :slight_smile:




thnx for this help rebeccak…appricieated:buttrock:



No problem! Looking forward to your and Enrique’s Workshop. :slight_smile: Let me know when you guys are ready to go so that I can advertise it about the Forums. Did you want to create a new Thread for an official Workshop? :slight_smile:




Haha! Thx killermachine.

I guess I didn’t mean copy, like directly mimic someone’s style, but moreso trying to mimic a style without really understanding the underpinnings of it.

Hadn’t realized it sounded that way til you put it that way. Oro~~~>

Thx again, I think this thread/ whatever it becomes will be really great!


hello ppl wat has happened wakt up put some work…me and diigisol are busy creating workshop for all the people interested hence cant create anythin new rite at the moment but ppl dont let this thread die plz…post some work


K, I’ll throw something up tomorrow… Just got maya so I’m going through the tutorials 2night… don’t think im goin to sleep!


Sorry got a little busy, I’ll see if I can post something today or tomorrow.


wats the matter people if r not able to post stuff then you wont too???
anyways here s a new addition to manga ga family…upcomin fashion of manga cars


Hello everyone, I just made this for my work, is a custom for a promotional tour of motorola, post manga stuff people


heres the stuff iv recently done…
colored version of sketch above…

and some more stuff mechs an all

waddup ppl post stuff else this thread is a gonner


Ppl This Thread Wont Work Without Ur Support…its D Only Manga Thread Here


Wacom’s dedicated manga site:

I’m designing a 2d game fighter (a la Street Fighter, Rival Schools, etc.) at the moment. I’ll post those here when I’m done sometime next weekend.

Here’s an oldie. Not a fan art but I used DOA’s Kazumi’s costume design anyway.


quick sketch