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I always start with a tonal valoration, generally, for my stylized characters I do this on the paper, as a reference for painting directly with color, but this time I start directly in PS, so Im working on the reference.

Thanks for your coments Killer machine, hope we can start that workshop soon see ya.


i haven’t drawn manga since I was 14, but I really want to start again… by the way, really good tutorials on



thank you for the vote of confidence… and i just love that picture… the color scheme reminds me of another japanese artist works… i just dont remeber his name right more… :3

:slight_smile: i hope to see more… :slight_smile:


Hi CGTalkers!

I came here under request of killermachine man here to give my contribution drop. I have 10 years of Manga teaching experience and I’ll be glad if you let me share what I know.

First of all, learn the basics is a MUST. This mean, you must learn human figure, perspective, light and all that stuff before think in do anything related to graphic arts. There is no discussion here and I think every pro will agree with this (off course, there’s always exceptions).
Second, it is necessary to demystify the concept of Manga.
Manga basically means Comic, and that it is, but with the Japanese style.
The issue about big eyes and exaggerated expressions comes from Disney
if you didn’t noticed, they have big eyes and exaggerated expressions too, and if you make the exercise to compare Felix the Cat, Mickey Mouse and Astro boy
you’ll find they’re practically the same.
Third, I do not recommend any of the “how to draw manga” books for a start, because the major part of them is done by fans who didn’t really know what they were doing, and 70% of the material treated is useless even for the beginners.

The first task for the CGTalkers interested in learn a little bit from me could be to draw a man and a woman naked, separated, in action but not interaction.

Thanks for the invitation and sorry for the late.



thanks for dropping by toledo and double thanks for your interest.i wanted to ask how do v hav to show these characters(man/woman u told us to draw) here on post or should we mail u??also i wanted to ask was do we hav to draw them manga style or normal way,i guess clearing up these two questions wil help…:slight_smile:

also thnx for taking this out of my head that how to draw manga arnt the best books for these,well this raises another question…which is/are the best books for manga.i have 1 by jared hodges & linsay cibos(ilex-press) and another 1 by estudio joso(collins designs)


Even I agree with you 99.9%. I kinda would have to disagree about manga… just only being japanese inspired. Yes, the japanese word of “manga” . In english translation means purely comic book. So that would mean. a kid from japan. could be reading any type of comic book all over the world. Would technically refer to it as a manga.
But we as “americans” I dont know how its generalized in the other countries. we put the stigmata of “japanese” style to the word . The word should just be simply generalized, but specified from where the comic comes from. I do hope that make sense, my grammer isnt so good.

But. about what your talking about. when someone posted about the “how to draw manga” I kinda cringed. I should’ve spoke out. about the books. Im not knocking down the books. because even before it even became a book. When I really started getting into drawing, it was those type of threads and websites I was checking out cause I was so simply inspired.
On the “style”.
But like you said before, all form of artists have to learn the basic principles. In order to be able to express their own ideas on paper. Weather (sp?) it is comics, illustration, sculpture., 3D, video gamming design. Any form of art that uses the human body or animal as the subject.

Killermachine: I know you want to draw comic books and create beautiful artwork. I dont think you should waste your money on those type of books. and besides comic books, are very stylized (sp?) The change as quickly as the moving tide. Invest in good anatomy books. The anatomy,perspective, light and color never changes, unlesss some wierd cosmic thingie happens and we evolve (scary).
In the end when you want to show off your stuff, if you dont have your foundations down (anatomy,perspective, blah blah) Its going to show through.

Just like Toledo said, everyone has got to work on the foundations. Once you have your foundations, your own style will come through.

So toledo :3 im glad you posted in this thread, cause i do share your belief, very greatly.


ooh yeah… i checked out your gallery. Your fairy picture is sooooooooooooooooooo beautiful :3
Just seeing work like that validates why, I love art so much :3

Also I realized something from the other thread I wrote. An artist “style” is a reflection of oneself.
Even though when people see beautiful artwork. When they want to learn, I think one is mostly focused on learning the style…rather than the foundations of the picture. Which can cause a great confliction.
Yes, style can be mimiced but it means nothing when you dont know the reasons or have the foundations for it to come through.
just a thought :3
but yeah, it would be an honor to learn from you. So Im all ears.


hey lute,just cause i said i hav those books doesnt mean i dont hav other books.i got some really cool books on anatomy and figure drawing from imgination,than i got books excripts of andrew loomis an burn hubbert(correct me for wrong spellings).i bought those books so as to understand the way things work in manga.wats the thinking wen an artist draws in it,wat kind of char are thot in manga and all lute though i spent a good amount on these books but they came after my basic anatomy library had been establised for work :twisted:
i don like to keep loose ends in watever level of work i know,so i practise real hard on basics here see :slight_smile:
ps:in 2nd 1 look only at the above part :hmm:
though they are not that good but thats only because i resumed their practise some time back only:D so its an effort right now


Well how come u didnt say that, in your previous post.smiles "Hmm i probably misread or understood something.

I apologizie for assuming, and had no intention of over looking your words either. But its great your dedicating your time and energy. It really shows through your work. I do hope to see more of your work.
Its hard to keep a balance, practicing and trying to create your own stuff

sighs softly oh well…


Well, all around the world, comic has different names, i.e. in Spain is called Tebeo, in some south American countries is called Historieta, in France is Bande Dessinee (some one help me with my french) and go on and on. Everyone have different styles, due point of views, political situation, etc. So manga is, and implies, Japanese style comic.

About the task
well, could be nice to post everything here, so we can all share the experience and evaluate each other works. And the style, desen’t matter now, just draw as you usually do.

Maybe we will need a little bit of organization here, and a lot of feedback, if not, this thread will die soon.



Hmm… I never knew about that. Well that just put a new wrinkle in my brain. Thank you :3
About where the direction of the thread may be going. Im not sure, almost everyone has an anatomy thread. and others participate in some of the activities. But like you said before, everything starts with the basics. And if we all improve on that, then we can go onto new and more complex things.

thinks very hard this is gonna be a toughie


aaargh!! i dont want this thread to die.its the only thread where i can think puttin my work,at other threads an gallery stuff is jaw dropping,wonder when i’l do that kind of stuff:shrug:
anyways i’l put up my sketches soon toledo
hey i didnt knew that comics are known by so many they are just plain comics:thumbsup:
ya lute its hard balancin them and i didnt mentioned those books cause i was talkin bout manga only there so…
POST STUFF PEOPLE:bounce: :buttrock:


the post can be moved… to where it can serve a better purpose. and have more acesss.
just a thought.

so…what topics could we adress in this thread. is it more tutorial based…adviced based. …
or certain topics…like creating, inking,enviroments,story telling… blah blah blah


i lik your idea of movin this thread to a better position.lets see if mods hav read this…

and since i had started this thread because no other thread covered manga specifically so we can do posting our stuff here,which can b commented by others;people who are gud in this can post link or better post their tutorials here.i don want it to b a narrow lane but a highway of information on anythin thats related to manga… lets hope we can generate more interest in people…
in short everything is invited as long as its manga and as long it makes sense:rolleyes:

by the way i was just wonderin if the mods can help us in popularising this thread:applause:


This is sketch some quite old, about 3 years ago, Im at work right now, soon as I will be at home ill post some recent, I promess.


here is mine…


Don’t let this thread dies guys, I think this is the only manga thread atr CG talk, post more images, the manga workshop from me will come next week :D.

sturmkim, well done dude :thumbsup:, is it photoshop?


Thanks and yes…

waiting your workshop.


ok people ,im going for a so-called vacation for a week,so toledo an digital sol will handle this thread.ppl please post stuff an’s one link im putting up for anyone interested for tutorial.
b ready for the rain of designs wen i come bak


ok people ,im going for a so-called vacation for a week,so toledo an digital sol will handle this thread.ppl please post stuff an’s one link im putting up for anyone interested for tutorial.
b ready for the rain of designs wen i come bak