Workshop - Manga Thread


Well Killer,

Nothing has changed for me. I am still busy. I am the president of a 2000 member state professional organization, running a company putting in about 50-60 hours a week to stay a float, and taking 9 semester hours of doctorate classes for my second year of PhD school: not to mention I have a 13 year old and 2 year old sons.

I have started writing my graphic novel. I am in my second chapter. I have decided to move away from the manga style with it and use the watercolor drafting technique that was used in the Sherlock Holmes movie. I have my main female character drafted and my main male character I will use myself. My second main female character I think I am going to use Nicki Minaj. I haven’t drawn too many black females before. Here is the last one I did :

I will try and post more later. I do not plan on taking classes this summer.


just posting some manga i did recently :slight_smile:


Hey Killer,

I like your manga. It seems to be getting more manga, especially the bottom one. What are you using to color with?


Thanks aggie. I work with photoshop :slight_smile:


@ Killermaschine: i like the mood and the colors in your first image, but it seams to me that the head looks kinda flat

an older one, after quitting traditional dance course:


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