Workshop - Manga Thread


OK k.m., these are the answers that Im looking for:), thank you so much for being so cooperative, I will keep in mind all these things, but I think that the manga workshop will take some time, because I wanna do original material for all the workshop, and I want to do a good one, thanks see ya.


ok digi i’l b eagerly waiting for ur workshop:scream: … and all those who are interested to share their knowledge on manga or for that mattr their artworks in manga can put up has bcome quite cosy friendly place :buttrock:


okay i post some of my sketches now :wink:

and a little sculpture done in shool :wink:


ur colors are nice bro ,i guess i need to work more on pencils as your lines dont look that confident.there is comthin about the girl that is wat was the project topic for that sculpture :twisted:


What’s a manga thread without mechas.

Here’s one:


good effort pinoy and u said right,a manga thread is incomplate without mech’s i’l post 1 too now.but dont u think in ur work geometry of the mech suffered in creating the pose??i think so at someplaces but thats just me


You’re right with your observation killermachine.

If you try this pose on a toy you’ll likely break a piece. It’s one of the challenges I think in manga design. When to exaggerate and when to draw a character or robot as one would expect in reality (form following function?).

Let’s be inspired by Shirow sensei.


killermachine : ur colors are nice bro ,i guess i need to work more on pencils as your lines dont look that confident.there is comthin about the girl that is wat was the project topic for that sculpture :twisted:

thanks dude :wink: this paintings a about a year old. I’m not painting mangas anymore.
the topic at shool was " Human Lifes" we had to create a story for this had too. it was something like robocop :wink:


going by pinoy’s idea i deciede to ink a mech i did as an upgradation of my previous version.hope u lik the design…

sorry for bad lines…its been only a week since i got my tablet you see:arteest:
pinoy can u gimme links from where u had found that image of mr.shirow :smiley:


hi killermachine i like the design but i think your mecha would fall down because the upper area is to much on the left. (the mass centre is not in the middle)


hey nice of u notice that.i hadnt noticed that my side view would confuse u people.any ways the tail is only to balance its fast movement.its not in active mode in which its shell moves a bit forward an more heavy arms appear in front stabilising it.i’l dispel this confusion soon by producting its active an front view.


hmm… :3
well before i had my uh…epiphany…this is what i did :3

i havent drawn anything new in a while… :3

here we gooo

i think i blew my arsenal


Interesting design you have there. With your new tablet you’ll be sketching mechs left and right in now time! :thumbsup:

Just google image “shirow” and go to the source sites that interests you. Tons out there.

Good effort here Lute.


thanks pinoy for the ref im colorin this mech i’l put it up soon.i jus got few dvds lik ghost in the shell episodes and collectors edition dvd of appleseed so now i have quite good data of masumure shirow
lute your ideas are good but as you said these are old sketches so i dont no how much has your anatomy improved as it looks weak here…


my colored and active version ,3/4th comin soon:buttrock:
colored art-
line art-
im not done with coloring…


My work has always been heavily influenced by manga.
I love manga and anime and I’m the type of geek that used to collect anime figurines and builds anime model-kits :stuck_out_tongue: I said used to cause about 2 years ago my addiction of collecting figurines and action figures changed into collecting Urban Vinyl (very rare art/designer toys heavily influenced by the graffiti scene) although I just received model-kits from Guilty Gear’s Baiken and some cool cyberpunk chick (just had to have those :smiley: ).
Anywho, like I said manga has always been a great inspiration for me but at one point I realised I was limiting myself and that I needed to focus on traditional life and figure drawing, although I’ve had experience in this field and my skills were still growing I did felt stuck at one point.
So I would like to advise people to not just draw manga only, but learn traditional life and figure drawing first, you have to understand the basics in order to grow in your work and be succesfull.

Some of my manga stuff:


nice artwork rude one.i agree with you out and out.without actual knowledge of figurative art you wont know how to stlylise it…


Hello every one, nice work there rudeone, I like the way you stylize and construct the figures, really nice, here is something that im working, I have lots of things in my mind so havent be able to post the workshop, but here is something quick, graet work every one.


^^;; sadly…i havent really drawn anything original… because realizing… i could never be able to fully express myself… with out increasing my knowledge in anatomy and other things… and also… my obsession being able to illustrate the idea… well… but then .hating the end result…and saying to myself “i can do way way better than this”


nice ink digi wen wil u show the colored waitin for your workshop:scream:

lute we all go thru that once in a while.u’l improve alrite jus don give it up:thumbsup: