Workshop - Manga Thread


This is a copy of a French manga artist named Bengal. I really like his loose style so I am going to practice his works for a while to see if I can use it.


bengal is a very cool artist. I feel his loose style is based on very strong foundation so you can observe it more seriously as well.
ok i made my first watercolour bigger then a thumbnail and im sharing it with you since its manga again :smiley:



I recognize it as Ghost in the Shell!


yup it is GITS,my favourite anime.i love its anime style so much that everytime i try to read its light hearted manga i kind of get put off.masamune san’s concept is amazing but i like major’s serious portrayal more.


I liked the manga a little too. Here are a couple of my masume studies:


I doodled this study from the Manga issue of ImagineFX magazine last night.

I can see now it is off porportionately.

Pencil (hour)


yea.also looks like you rushed when working on hand


hey…just bumping this thread so it doesnt get locked. Where is everyone?


Hey Killer,

My real work is got me very busy. All I have been doing is sketches of real life and no manga. How about you?


yea its pretty much same with me cause of my new job since it doesnt involve drawing(only thinking) but im thinking making something manga-ish with new cg challenge though this concept it beyond my abilities


got time to make a rough sketch types


Christmas time here. I hope to get a chance to draw while I am off.

I like the highlights on her.

Merry Christmas.


Hey hows everyone doing? long time no see


Hi there! This is my sketch. I’m going to colorize it.


hey nieaCry thats a nice sketch with nice composition.
Looking forward to the update :slight_smile:


that’s how it looks now


Hey guys,

I have been real busy with work, professional society, and doctorate school that I cannot draw.

The last drawing is coming along beautifully, nieacry. Are you going to render it more detailed?


I’v made a few changes. I think this is final image


thats great work. I really liked the strong shadow in rough though. Gave it a noir kind of feel. You can even make this in black n white.


hey hows everyone doing here :slight_smile: long time huh :smiley: