Workshop - Manga Thread


long time no see.lots of things to be posted.lets begin then
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Chibi’s(didnt knew i could draw them until recently)

This was a keep-it-up drawing for my friend who’s M.Phil exams are coming up

You can call this abstract manga :stuck_out_tongue:

hope you enjoy these


i started fiddling with pixel art!!:cool:


where are all my buddy artists here :smiley:


HEY Amrinder…:wavey: .:slight_smile:

I like your idea for this thread…Cartooning has a great history…Manga being one of the main facets in the jewel…, it deserves it’s place, recognition, and standing in the art comunity, just as the many other forms of cartooning do.
Cartooning has a bright, and very profitable past, and future,…so I too can’t understand why your thread has slowed down.
I am going down to the public library and check out a book that caught my eye the last time I was there…It was the history of Manga style cartooning…made me think of you and your thread when I saw it…:slight_smile:
I have never tried my hand at it, but I think I will now,…so you can count on one new student being in your Manga thread, in the very near future…:slight_smile:

Oh, and by the way,…here is a link to a thread over at ZBRUSH CENTRAL that just made the TOP ROW…I thought that you might find it interesting, as may others might who happen upon your thread in this forum.

TAKE CARE Amrinder,…and KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE…:slight_smile: :thumbsup:


thanks Glenn,
this was my first thread i started here at cgtalk. i was really scared when i did i’l tell you because of the level of work i used to see then. i’v made some progress, made some good friends, and had some great artists visiting here. So this thread is very special to me. I will also start churning out more artworks. Fanarts if not originals but wil be doing more and daring more.

i am really looking forward to what you will bring on this thread :slight_smile: :bounce:


i am here. i just have been busy because my dad had his prostate removed due to it being cancerous. i have to go to tennessee this week so i will have time to draw a little in between flights.

let’s get this thread party started, killer.:beer:


Hey aggie take care of your dad. and yea lets get this thread rolling again:cool:


Hi Amrinder…:slight_smile:

Went to the public library yesterday, and picked up a couple of books on Manga.

The Monter Book of More MANGA…edited by IKARI studio…and

Digital Manga Techniques…Hayden Scott-Baron

I was looking throught the art works in them, and on one of the pages, I saw a guy kneeling down next to a wolf.

So anyway, it sparked this image in my imagination…
I already have a wolf that I created and modeled in ZBRUSH, and a heroic girl figure,…so I just got creative, and came up with this piece that i’m posting.

I noticed that some of the newer MANGA does not have the oversized eyes and no nose, so I went with that aspect of what I saw and liked.

I will try out alot of the exagerated proportions, styizations, oversized eyes and no nose aspects of Manga as I go along, but for a first post in here, im going with this piece for now…You or anyone that gets involved in this thread, are more than welcome to do a paintover of it, or throw in any suggestions for improvements ect.

It’s a brand new style and game to me at this point, so i’m open minded to any and all useful suggestions…:slight_smile:



Im glad this style is instilling some interest in you. Many of the new mangas and anime’s like Death note have more realistic proportions overall but another thing is that many new ones also lack a good story. Interestingly, i hav an autographed poster by of the lead animators of Tetsujin 28 (60’s anime). if you see those characters, They had quite well built faces(nose, round faces) which has been lacking in recent generation of anime’s. So, What i want to say is anime is more like form of expression open to everyone like an opensource program :smiley: so no style is right or wrong.

In the images you have posted, since its an action pose it would hav been great if it had been dynamic with, maybe, a stressing expression on face. That would hav been more anime-isque :slight_smile:
An example can the link below which is a screenshot from Princess mononoke by Hayao Miyazaki

Take care Glenn and sorry if i got carried away with the subject :smiley:


MAY 12, 2010

Hi Amrinder…:slight_smile:
I agree with you about the emotion depiction aspect that you mentioned…I will see what I can do about that…:slight_smile:
Trying to get away from the classical approach to painting that i’m used to doing, and for this thread of Manga ,I will be going for a more graphic illustration use of color and technique.
Might take me a few tries, but I have alot of ideas in the back of my head that might with some luck and work get me there…:slight_smile:


Hi Amrinder :slight_smile:
Working on ideas for the background.
More versions posted in my CG Talk sketchbook, don’t want to fill your thread with too many.
Kind of liked this one…shows a similar technique for doing backgrounds in the Digital Manga book that I mentioned above.


Hey guys! Long time no see!

Great progresses Killermachine! Keep it up!

SpiritDreamer : nice work, this kind of style is very demanding, but that’s worth it!

Here’s my last stuff!

See you soon!


hey glenn, i like the 2nd shot alot.the posing and the background does enhance it alot.
syphilis, thats a very dynamic shot. looking forward to seeing it finished.


hey everybody here is a new manga draw after looooong time, :smiley: cheers


hows everyone doing…i made some time bak just for a test. Ref used from tranformers movie.
Hey sol put the coloured one too :smiley:


Hey guys great posts so far… again! Good to see you in here Spirit. You will bring a different look and make us jealous with your talents.

I just got my July issue of Imagin FX with the Manga studies. I will look it over and see if I can come up with anything that will help me. My problem is getting over the obsticle of realism to manga. Since most references come from real life, I tend to jump back into it (see my last piece on my thread). Killer you seem to be working on that too with your last piece here.

I will see what I can do over the next few days. I am going camping in the Rocky Mountains next week. That will give me some time to play around with the ol’ paper and pencil.


im not really trying to go from realism to manga, rather im trying to find a point where both of them can compliment each other. Here is a new piece btw. Based on the name of scooter, pleasure :twisted:


Hey have any of you created a character sheet? I need to do that so I can have some consistancy with my characters. Thanks guys!


yea iv done it a few times. you should do it .that way you will have a clear idea of how your character looks from every angle. From my own experience iv learnt that even if we “feel” how character looks from other angle, but cant really nail it before we have drawn that angle once.

That aside, you can get alot of them on google images for studying if you type “character sheets”


2nd in biker gal series