Workshop - Manga Thread


That is a good idea. I will see if I can find a book like that too. Thanks!


I don’t mean anything derogatory with what I mentioned, I just like saying things directly, personally I rather have someone say things straight rather than trying to not disappoint you


Neoutral - Some people work well off of more direct ways and others take offense to it and get discouraged. I believe you meant well but maybe tone it down and explain more in detail your teachings of manga. We can all learn from each other. Thanks for the input. Please post some of your work so we can learn from yours as well.


hey guys how are you doing??
havnt seen much updates in a while
i hav been busy in creating a new event in my country.Check out my SB for it…

Aggie whats the update on your last image…was really liking the way it was coming

tc :buttrock:


Hey Killer, it is called graduate school. It has taken all of my free time. I have finished all the core courses, now I am on my research. Therefore, I have been just doodling, if that is what you would call it.

My most recent is first… yes my wife is pregnant. She is due any day now. The others where just doodles to see if I could do them.


hey congratulations for the good of her and all the best :buttrock:


Thanks! Life is fixing to be busy.


cool job everyone :slight_smile:


I guess everyone is busy. Well, I finished summer school and I am down to one last semester for graduate school. I will graduate in December with my Master’s. I hope to start my doctorate just soon after.

My son is seven weeks old now. He is so much fun. All this has taken all my time so not much art work.

I had a vacation, of sorts, last week. I had to watch the kids in Houston while my wife went to a seminar. I had a chance to doodle on my manga character, Allu, in an action pose. I did not use any references.


Long time no see, hope everyone is doing good.i had just made this one sketch to work up some new styles for an upcoming personal project so thot i’d share it with you and get some feedback…



Wot dude that looks pretty awesome, I hope you put some olor on it :smiley:


I tought i’d never see such a topic here… The workshop idea was awesome, i’ve been copying some Daisuke Moriyama’s and Kentaro Yabuki’s styles over and over again without any expectations of ever being called an artist (I badly could understand perspective, have little knowledge of anatomy… and well i’m color blind ._.) I hope i could learn a lot of things by joining this workshop. Well, here goes some of my studies:

Character test

Another character test

And a “finished” concept art for 3d… (low chance of success in the 3d one =/)


Marchosias - these are good, especially the colored one when you are color blind. I am not color blind and i have a hard time getting the right colors down. Keep posting and commenting and this workshop will be beneficial for all of us.


Marchosias - these are good, especially the colored one when you are color blind. I am not color blind and i have a hard time getting the right colors down. Keep posting and commenting and this workshop will be beneficial for all of us.

Thanks aggie93, sure i will! About the colors, i can’t take the credit, for now i’m working with sample images from where i get the colors, that’s my plan until i get the idea and a basic palette from where i can start experimentation…

And a new sketch, this time with pencil & paper:

The hair looks odd… but i still have some hope on this one. What do you think?

I’m waiting for your posts :slight_smile:


I think it will work out with the addition of shading and/or coloring. Are you going to scan this in and digitally ink and color it or will you do a traditional method?

I am glad we got some spark left in this thread, I think it will work out if we keep at it.

I am beat tonight so I will not go any further with this dialog. I will return later though… hopefully with some updates of what I have been doodling on.

Night y’all!


hey guys,
long time no see.i hav started a new blog called character a day.visit it at do visit it once in a while


hey all


Due to inactivity for 12 months the workshop thread which contained learning material has been was a very ambitious project at that time and i alone wasnt able to handle it. I was thinking since now i have improved many folds and i have some free time i could re-create a thread for it an add some more new stuff in it as well :wip:

The BIG QUESTION is: is it needed??

let me know since it wil depend on you guys
link to original


work i forgot to post



Well Killer, I for one still need a thread like this but sometimes I do not find the time needed to draw. I have completed my master’s degree and began my doctorate. I am a glutten for punishment. I am taking some time off of school next semester and my plans are to start working on my manga. So, whatever you think we should do from this point.

TTFN - ta ta for now!