Workshop - Manga Thread


Just to let you know guys that I’ve made a quick tutorial about the basics of Tae Kim’s anatomy on my DA account.

Here’s the link :

Hope you’ll find it useful!



This is a rough sketch of my book’s other female character. I need to straighten her head a little but I was trying to get the features drawn out. The eyes, nose, lips and hair. It should work. I may tighten this up a little in Painter now. I have Christmas break from grad school so I will be doing as much drawing as I can before it starts up again in 3 weeks. Later guys!


hey aggie,
try to smoothen up the feautres they are kind pointy everywhere,eyes being perticular at tht.waitng for update :thumbsup:


hey all
happy new year!!may you get cranky with all the manganess this year :beer:

on side note i started this year with manga drawings sharing some of them with you :slight_smile:

hope you like them



guys compare the pencil work to the photoshop lines

photoshop are just lines i have yet to shard her eyes


ur ps lines are crisper.u use pen tool for it??some place lines are little jagged lik top of hair so asked


yap is the old myty pen tool, ok how the eyes from the ps line art ?


u said you are working on them so at this stage i would say they are lookin good.continue in this direction and if possible lift the left eye (from viewer’s position). the highest point should be around where the eyebrow’s lowest point is


emm i want to draw twins and have a bit of … i don’t know how to poses them in one drawing … what posing hmm standing


do google search :wise: . try Olsen Twins,identical twins etc… you’l get ur pose. best of luck with it


just a test to make the drawing stand out more

i color the eyes. and done


Hi all, long time no see!

Here’s my last contribution btw :


Wow y’all have been working here. Since grad school started I have not had time to blow my nose much less draw. Here are some doodles so I can at least practice a little. All pencils.


Syphilis360 - your work is striking:eek:. I wonder why you are so detailed in your head area and the foreshadowing of the limbs are exaggerated. I am sure it is your style but I wonder how you came up with it.

Rev - why did you want us to compare the pencil work with the digital line work?:curious: The eyes are fantastic by the way.

Here is another pencil sketch:cool:. This is a copy of Elsevilla’s work from deviant art. I love his style:love:. I am still just playing around with styles. I have some story written down but I cannot seem to agree with myself:banghead: on how to draw the book, either fully manga or just illustrate it somehow… or it could be a hybrid of the two:shrug:. If you are interested, I can shoot whomever a copy of the draft to chapter one:deal:.


aggie im in same situation right now.iv been workin on a story for almost 6-7 months and stil not sure about how to draw it…i think its all a bit of fear part from the first panel of the empty page…i guess before you start working on comic you should study them and try to understand the saying this because you havnt post any drawings the would show any mood compositions and mood has alot to do in comics :slight_smile:
here is my first piece in adobe illustrator…it was done at my new job.more on 60’s storybook design it was for a big event got sligtly changed but i hope i wil show you the final one soon

and self portrait as creature workshop- mine entry



Great job Killer. Is that the imaginative workshop Rebecca is doing on the other thread? A bat eh!

I wanted to add an image of a girl running. I was working on getting foreshadowing down and the fluidity of the body while moving. I think I will have problems figuring clothes out. I am not a fashion designer. Any suggestions? How do y’all come up with clothes?


calling a cetain method of illustration as manga is technically incorrect as manga means comic in japanese, I prefer to call it the “japanese type” of illustration,

I’d even go so far as to label it as a subject that’s for advanced illustrators as drawing in an exaggerrated from requires knowledge of proper anatomy, and contrary to what others would think I would really insist on the matter of before drawing on the eastern style you need to know your proper anatomy, there’s just no excuse for going the short route, learn proper anatomy first before going on exaggerations


well i hav always given what you said above the utmost importance whenever iv talked to anyone about it and is what i tell to wil see it at alot of places in this there a point you are trying to tell here?

aggie: do what v should do in general :stuck_out_tongue: see fashion magazines


Ouch. This thread is to assist those that are seeking help in the eastern method of comics, us westerners call manga. We all are learning the human body as our foundation to any figurative art, including manga. Killer is correct that we have always stressed anatomy first. Killer has pointed out several times my own anatomical proportions that needed to be worked on. This thread is a workshop built for constructive critism. Let’s all keep it that way!

Killer - Thanks for the suggestion but it appears that y’all come up with your own design. That is what I was referring to.


it comes with mixing and matching different designs .i had even downloaded a book which chronologically orders all the fashion trends which happened since 1900’s :slight_smile: