Workshop - Manga Thread


Rev - What brush did you use to color with? Is that airbrush or low opacity?


oh and done


Very good Rev. About how much time did you spend on each step? Did you have a reference?

I am working on a cover for my characters. It is also to submit in a Manga art contest locally. This is my rough outline for character placement. I will try and find some references to help.


nice to see the thread back and active. I thought it was closed. Looks like I will have a reason to start back drawing manga again.


this is a image that I made in pencil. The monste in the background is the same as her tatto. it was sealed away and is slowly drainging her life force but it gives her superpowers so she’s happy. but I didn’t finish it becouse I was unhappy at the way it turned out.


hey all
how hav you been working on making my ow grapic novel(an in process improve my work :smiley: ) ihav not posted here for quite some itme but i’l do so very soon showing you the main char as soon as de are done(which r almost complete) im excited to hear ur reviews on them.

Revliss- i knew it i had seen the char when i saw u colorin the hair.its good u did ur own take on her an didnt copied original.i love the series too :smiley: only one i watch with total devotion :stuck_out_tongue: do u know where i can find mecha cat kuro??

aggie93-usin some ref will help for sure.i think ur getting hang of ur char,its better then older attempts.i would now only suggest you check out one of these books

i do not know why is your sensitivity issue coming.cud be because of drivers.u can also ask for help in painter specific threads here.they’l help for sure.

wind27382- this thread cannot close :twisted: i think if u redraw it from scratch it wud come out better.shud not abandon the it inspired from naruto?

keep postin people


Thanks Killer, I will check those out for sure.


Finished this Allu piece. Would this be considered manga art?


very long time since i posted anything…did something yest

was done in painter…i really tried to giv my best in this one :stuck_out_tongue:



Here’s my last work, a flower summoner^^


Glad I finally found some manga style sharing thread!

Here’s mine : a young lady member of the flower summoner faction. Hope you’ll appreciate it!^^


syphilis360 -

very unique style. love the colors. perspective and purportions are a bit off but that may be your intent. keep posting and commenting.


syphilis360:welcome to the manga thread…i’l second what aggie said but i hav to say you should check out perspective…this drawing could hav been really cool if it had been planned with perspective

hey aggie where are you…no updates in SB’s or here??


Hey Killer,

I started graduate school this semester and it is kicking my a$$. I am holding down a job, I own, 13 hours at graduate school, a pregnant wife and ten year old son, and I was recently elected 2nd vice president of our professional society here in Texas. I doodle a little but that is it. I started my graphic novel the other night when my son wanted me to teach him how to draw star wars. Here is what I have drawn so far:

It is a drawing of Eve telling Cain to leave after killing his brother Able. The bible has much to do with my story.

I also did this little dilly for my son in his room a little while back. It is a star wars scene. It is a water base paint and the light sabers are glow in the dark paint.

That is what I have been up to! It has been pretty quiet lately on this thread. By the way, what is SB?


wow man u hav been busy…i still dont hav enough confidence to paint my wall…kudos to you for seriously if i were you i would really take care of my wife an mayb forget everything but since im very young an don wanna get married anytime soon :stuck_out_tongue: so i dont know much about the situation but sounds tough definatly…
yeah its been quite here cause i’v been really in experiment mode nowadays and don draw much of anything except abstract randomness that has nothing to do with manga/anime(u can see my SB to see what).but i am gettin my focus back…afterall,all traditional studies im doing is just to enhance my manga art

oh and SB is short for sketchbook :smiley: hehe.i learnt it at



here be viking :smiley:

sci fi by the way


Here’s my last work^^.

Thanks all for your precedent comments by the way!


syphilis360 the last one came out pretty nice.your left thigh(our view) went short but keep up the good work
revliss:color it,color it ,color it


Here’s my last work.

By the way, what would you think of a manga anatomy workshopµ? I was thinking about some thing like this : you pick a manga artist you like, then several exercise to analyse his works, to finally produce some art using his / her style. Would you be up for it?


we had started one workshop some time back but because the of slow response and we guys getting busy it was left midway…it has always been on back of my mind to revive it…someday maybe
you can see it here