Workshop - Manga Thread


Okay, what about this style. I threw this together real quick to get an idea. It is a little bit more comical and not as real. What do you think? I know there is some more refinement but…

Update 08-07-16, I let go a little and let the hips and boobs go.


hey aggie,if u dont mind i’d want to tweak your inked alucard…re-ink to be more specific at some places to show how line flow can impact drawing…

speaking of line,here are some gesture sketches i did today at nearby railway station…i did this after very long time and im posting here jus to show how does simple things like these can effect our work quality



Go right ahead. I finished my school for this summer so I have some time to work on this.


not so human stuff


Weird Rev, what happened to it? You did good on the legs. What reference did you use for the legs?

I did another pose of Allu this week while I was in New Mexico on vacation. I need to do a character page for her.


emm wose looking at some robot manga and see that they did not put feet on the robots :stuck_out_tongue: but as for the legs it just metal gear :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t get me wrong, Rev, it looks cool. That is really thinking out of the box. Great job with all your characters. Have finished any of them out yet? Do you plan on any manga book or story?


drawing a character from some Anime


Hey Rev, is this one digital? How do you set the pen sensitivity like that?


i use open Open Canvas4.5 for that. it feel like the line work is bettern then in photoshop … as for painting i don’t know have not get to that stage yet.


So you do your line work in open canvas then export it to photoshop to paint or ink?


ink in Open Canvas which is what i am doing right now then try to color her in Open Canvas . if all things fail back to photoshop. well that my game plane any way :stuck_out_tongue:


ok it lines are done now i just need to clean/plug up all the lost end and holes


Rev - you said you were using a reference? What is the time it took you to get to this point? Are you going to color it?


ya i did use some reference image, as i not realy try to draw top down view till now, and of cos i need ti know what dose her dress looks like :stuck_out_tongue: and yes i am going color her … after i plug up all the holes in the drawing


What do you mean plug up the holes? Do you flood fill the colors?


emm i am talking about the holes around the lines :stuck_out_tongue:


Here is an update. As you can see my pen (quill) has no pen sensitivity. I think that is why it looks so rigid. What to do? Painter 9.5 software.


aggie93 well you can try setting your brush opacity level to lest say 10% and build up from there :stuck_out_tongue:

and now my update:P i redraw her legs and painted her eyes


hair and clean up