Workshop - Manga Thread


Thanks for your concern, Killer. I went to the doctor today. I have to wear this stinking walking boot for another five weeks at least. Agh!

Okay, I drew this last night after I trashed what I was trying to do by mind. (it did not work out)

and a close up on mine

You mentioned somewhere that I was having a hard time bending the characters. I think that is my problem. I can draw what I see. I cannot make it what I want it to do without seeing it while I am drawing. I figure practice will make that happen but, my gosh, when?

By the way, I thought I was in love with Masaune Shirow, but now I like Kazasa Sumita’s work in Witchblade.


Alright, here is a pose of two characters fighting. I drew the stick figures and now I am volumizing them.

This is from my thoughts no reference photos. Where should I go with it?


as far as bending problem(and many other which you may face) will go away when you sit at a railway station/bus stop/pub and do gestures drawings for few hrs for atleast 10 need to keep it continous,your own pace can do but dont extend break longer then week.when not doing that, make sketches with strict time limit of 1 min/sketch (it can be reduced to 10 sec,if u can do it) it will basically improve your observation and you will the figure as one object, not in pieces :slight_smile:

now,on your latest that you have your idea out from your head onto paper,what i can suggest you try is pick few comics and try to check out some dramatic compostions for your idea.then, take bridgeman/vilppu and construct your figures,suitably toning them for the look you can be a long procedure in start but it’l be very helpful.

BTW, see mamoru oshii’s,shinji aramaki and shinchiro watanabe’s work, i dont think you’l ever like somthin else(maybe hayato mayazaki’s but thats diff…)its my dream to meet these guy’s just once specially watanabe san :smiley:


Well, I started graduate school a week and a half ago. Not too bad so far. However, I haven’t had much time for art. I have been watching Tokko now. I love Netflix. Just order it on the internet and receive a movie in the mail. It is just renting so you return when you are through but it has unlimited resource.

This is a quick sketch. I was working on the face of a manga for fun and it turned into this. No references. This is from my mind. I thought it turned out better than the last one.


An update to last night’s free for all:

I know some things are not correct, but all of this is from the head. I am remembering things I have seen in manga, anime, and my real life work. Maybe things are clicking now. KIller, go ahead and give me comments.


hey aggie,
im gonna do more than just comment im gonna giv you something to comment on :smiley:

these were somethings i did recently.

now onto you sure you were not exactly sitting in drawing pose when u drew face cause it got skewed which happens alot with me when i slide down the chair,just hangin on edge,apart from that i highly recommend you start studing some planes from bridgeman and loomis which will really bring great depth in the same face which isnt there right now.and as far as the body goes i’d say that proportion needs some work.proportions hav to be good even in imagination EVEN IF anatomy isnt perfect as it just makes things look better :smiley:

i’l see you again soon


Killer - You were right about the head. I initially started her head at a slight angle. I noticed it too but I just kept drawing. As far as proportions on the rest of her body, how far off are they? As far as yours, I love the monkey man with the monkey wrench. Funny! Not much to comment other than the head on the Warrior seems to be a bit small compared to his neck. That is me though, I can’t seem to get proportions in my head.



quite honestly and bluntly,they are quite off…but i think with regular practise it’l b ok.i think use help from force,its a book on dynamic drawing.even tho its not the best, it’l surely help u at many places.

hehe u liked my monkey wrench piece eh…maybe im getting better in my work too :smiley:
yeah ur right about the head i cant stop myself from doing that its automatic reflex,im trying pretty hard to get rid of this habit it’l take some time i guess :stuck_out_tongue:



Okay Killer,

Here is another one I have been doodling with for the last few days. It started as just a gesture drawing from and I decided to use it for my character, Allu. Sorry for the poor picture, I haven’t inked it yet.


just found out i forgoten to spam on this thread


Rev - You have such smooth lines. Do you do your rough work traditionally or is it in the digital layer frozen?


ny the lines i guess it is vector artwork.rev its a good sketch.i think you should work your bit on hands and drapery.the cloths flow has to go with body else it doesnt look good.

aggie:its looking good.i think shifting the hip a lil upwards will make it look good :slight_smile:


right or left


Thought I would try another photo of my drawing with different lighting. I cannot seem to get that down. How would someone go about taking a photo of the traditional work to get it into digital form if it is bigger than a scanner?

I am adding some background now. I am thinking of adding a demon dog that is coming out from behind her.


i meant the pelvic height.

what i hav done in that case is just click a pick of it


Killer - Yea I think it would look better too. I have a large format scanner at the office, but it is monochrome. I am painting it in Painter anyway.


new one :smiley: not posting a chick to day


aggie93, her arms seem a bit too skinny. Her right shoulder looks smaller than her left one.
Other than that it’s coming out nicely. I like the pose.


Rev - Thanks for leaving your construction lines in it. I think it is useful to see even the pros still do that.

Memorial-strife - Thanks. I noticed and tried to correct this weekend.

Here is an updated post. I started inking the outlines so I can scan it in to be painted in Painter.


I finally inked and scanned in Allu and her dog, Cerberus.

I am not going to color her yet. I want to try a different style of manga with her first to see if I like it better.

I have my finals for graduate school this summer this week. I may not get much done.