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Okay Killer. Let’s take this rough draft I did from a photo stock on Gods Art. (nudity) Or you can do your take from the link. Use your character and I will use mine. Let’s see what we come up with in Manga! It doesn’t have to be a nude final, as a matter of fact I think we should use clothes of our character, right?

Blue Col-erase pencil on Pro Layout Marker paper. 3 mintues.


no problem. tho i cant promise when i can post it but i’l do it for sure if it’l help you in any way.and i’l post that image too its in my office actually,i know the pose is tight but it has little depth and she is sitting on her bottom with maybe her back restin against somethin .its not an unrealistic pose,i hav many images resembling this pose but this exact pose is my fav for some reason :D.(and i wont deny problems with it as im not genius :slight_smile: )


I placed the clothes on her, the hardest I think. I made her hair more blocky. I placed the eyes, nose, and lips. I will now ink her in. This is my character in human form. I will use the same pose for her in demon form next.

Updated (just a little later). I do not have broad brush pens. So I used Col-Erase Pencils. Any suggestions to pens. I have Stabilo point 88 fine 0,4 pens but they are only good for detail coloring (as you can tell from the edge of her right leg). Anyway, does she look manga or American comic style? I do not think she is manga enough. Your thoughts?


here is the main image i used for ref

it definatly looks much better then your older attempts.little research on lips and hands will as i feel they both are not quite feminine specailly hands.i’l do something bout this pose too today and post it :smiley:


It does look like she is missing the lower half of her right leg, but I see that it is going out the direction we cannot see.

I see what you mean about the hands, ugh! I do need to work on the lips. Any suggestions?


here is my un clean attempt at making the pose u gave.i didnt made any corrections in it (lik hand,body symmetry etc) so u can see the whole of my idea while working on a pose :smiley:

ont thing u may note is face.i made the face as it was made in 90’s if u hav seen anime’s lik trigun or fatal fury u’l undestand what i mean.

whenever u gotta perfect basics best website is .they hav complete set of tutorials on anatomy

it came out decent.i’l finish it later :smiley:


i ended up coloring her :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay this seems to be more cartoony than let say Digital Sol’s earlier post #6 on this thread. Is that just individual style or is it just rushed works? Am I trying to hard? It still seems I am trying to make it too realistic. Do you agree or what do you see my problem is?

Here is a WIP of the same pose but this is my character Allu in her demon form:


what i feel is that study of anatomy is required.ur style is there but it is not able to come up fully since anatomy hasnt been done to the level where you can bend it.iv been trying manga artworks for 3 yrs now and this was one lesson i learnt hard way.there is a whole lot of diff in my work if you see my first post here and the mai shiranui fanart i did 2 post back.the reason i feel is this some serious life drawing for few months and manga will automatically improve.

see magna carta’s and final fantasy artworks for your concern on realism…


You’re basically telling me to study the anatomy in order to manipulate it. I know anatomy, I took it in college, even comparative anatomy, but I guess I am not quite adept in figurative art to do what you are saying. I can draw what I see but I cannot draw what I do not see and I am assuming that is what you are trying to get across. I see now that is what I am doing. I cannot take a real photo and make it into something else.


hi aggie

you know i do not mean any disrespect but if u hav gone through this thread you would see that on page 1 only i said the same to rebecca when my drawing wasnt exactly that good.the honest ,most honest opinion will not come from your online comrades but from your own might not like it if i say that you need to practise gesture sketching considering i m alot younger then you but thats how i see it.but it does not matter what i see,if u feel like it needs some thing more then what it currently has then revising basics is alway the best thing…i study from bridgeman and sometimes it takes me hours to get back in manga flow and sometimes im completly out of it but by the end of the day it seriously helps…

that is what my puny brain thinks now.seriously no disrespect intended an forgive me if u find something u don like.



Killer - I found out a long time ago you cannot express tone in forum, e-mail or letters. I know you only mean contructive critism and that is what I asked for. I only concur with you on your suggestions and I only have more questions. I might be older, I do not know, but you can learn from anyone at any age. I actually thank you for your assistance in directing me in this category. I have not had any formal education in art. I learn from trial and error. Forum like these are the best educational tool for someone like me, an amature in art. I would like to know more about the Bridgeman you are talking about. I will continue to work on this.

Thanks for your honesty and help!


Here is an update to Allu in demon form. I got her inked outline. I will try and color her digitally.


I colored her in Painter using the pen brushes in a layer set to darken. The scanned in picture was the canvas. Is that the correct procedure?


I am working on the first page of my graphic novel. Here it is in red pencil, rough draft. I am treating this like a journal for right now. All of this is what I version when I close my eyes, no reference. We are looking between Metatron’s head and wing down on Allu who is asleep on the bed curled up with a pillow. Crits, be nice!


I really wasn’t please with the page I was working on. I decided to practice some more. Here are some drawings of Masane and Witchblade from the site.


just wanted to ask are you not having difficulty working on a single image divided in two pages?i think it would come better if you landscaped the page for’l be easier to color too.
cant see your latest image(maybe cause of firewall in my office)

lastly,as far this section goes,i dont think you need to try alot trial and error will be needed as i hav been trying loads of things and as for george bridgeman,he is a verrry old traditional artist… go to .its blog of Alberto Ruiz-Diaz(awesome artist) where u’l find links to his books after scrolling down a little.
those books will help alot and u can also try glen villppu’s book/dvds too.

tc and keep on practising


ahhh…it feels good to draw again .well here’s some new stuff


Great coloring Killer. I cannot wait to do another one. I have been laid up the last few weeks after having surgery on my ankle. I have not been really wanting to draw much. In one more week I will be starting my master’s degree so I do not know how much time I will have to draw. I want to start one this weekend since it is a three day weekend for me. I will try and post something later.


thanks aggie and sorry to hear about your ankle,i was wondering where did u go!! well,get well soon.

til the time you rest here is an online link of can read 'l help for sure

tc :slight_smile: