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Sturmkim - I am not sure I understand. Could you expand a little on this topic?


Hiya guys! waves

I’m new here and this is my first post. I recently got into drawing and I’ll probably upload a few of my sketches later this week to get this thread going :slight_smile:



Here’s a small lil manga comic I made for my TA for Art History last year as a going away and thank you gift for her. This was my second lil comic strip I made. Hope ya’ll like!

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don’t think i have post this here be for it old but


So here’s my first comic I made for my Poetry class where we had to turn a poem into a visual presentation and the medium I chose was manga.


nice pages ayenlou, its typically manga style…
but mangas are written from right to left, not like our european comics !
keep it up though, both pages made me smile ^^


hey ayenlou: welcome to manga thread…ur pages are really manga-ish as i like to say :Dyou can translate your thoughts pretty just on drawing,improving and posting :smiley:



I have finally thought of a story line. Here is one of my main characters, Ron (aka Metatron). He is an archangel.

Right now he is only in pencil form. I hope to ink it soon.


Here is the main character of my story, Allu. I hope to get her into the digital world soon too!


I started inking. I need advise here. I cannot seem to get the smoothness as everyone else does when they ink and/or paint. What am I doing wrong?


ALmost through. Need to make her look more detailed, but not too much.


hey…if you are having smoothness issue in paint i sugegst 2 things if you use PS
-try experimenting with flow and opacity and
-check out nebezial’s master thrread in tutorials and workshop…there he has told about blender brush which he created…it’l help blend colors smoothly.

i gotta post some too…been long while


new stuff…aviator…for this thread only


Killer - I use the blender brush a lot, probably more than I should. Here is another question, more traditional work. I got me some pens last night and came up with this. How do you blend the pens in real life?


Working on my Allu character:

Another Allu pose, sleeping:

Start with pencil and pen:

Then scanned it into Painter. Using round brush pens set at 10% opacity, started the skin:

Next adding the draped see through sheet. Painted with 100% opacity but set the layer to 50%.


Finished for now, going to church!


pens cant be blended actually…and thats a pain in the arse…what you can do tho is use brush pensor pens with thicker tips to do things like hair…varing the stroke pressure will give you moreof the blended look…going from thick to thin will help…whether its a stroke or pens :smiley:
try cross hatching too…u might like it if u want to try with thinner pens


I got onto Netflix and started to get various DVDs of anamine shows. I just got through watching witchblade. WOW! It is not your saturday morning cartoon is it. Very sexy though. Anyway, I did some research on the internet to find out more about the artwork. I found this stance on their website ( and decided to do a quick drawing of it. It took about fifteen minutes and got this:

I liked the outcome. My question to the manga artist out there. When you come up with poses for your manga, do you use stock photos, models, or just from memory? Then when you decide your reference, how do you maintain your character for that reference? I seem to be able to copy other’s work but I have a hard time maintaining my character for things like stock photos. Please give me some constructive comments. Thanks!

BTW - Thanks Killer for the help.


long time.i made this today by squeezing out some time from my freelance.i’l color it tradtionally for practice (i suck at colouring)

aggie93 : brother ,your’s is a problem everyone faces when they touch manga…the likeness never arrives no matter how much you try.from my point of view ,the answer is simple…
dont aim for likeness…you liked the the character for some reason didnt you,put that in your for your other question,the above drawin i made i used ref for the overall pose and hip area while finishing it.i maintained my char by remembering what i was using was a ref and i could make changes where i wanted so i never copied face features and her structure i just liked the pose and used what i liked…

manga is all about whats in your heart and what you want to see,thats what i believe



Killer - First off that pose looks unconfortable for her, like she is sitting on her right foot. Now that you have said that about this pose, could you post your reference so I can see the similarities and the differences you are talking about. This way I can see if I am working at it right.