Workshop - Manga Thread


Thanks Killer. I have been to that site. It has been a great site. I just cannot seem to get it down. I am not sure I am cut out for manga.


hey aggie
don worry,its just that u havnt tried it so feel this way
it took me an year to get used to it too :smiley: u try more sites like also u can google manga tutorials and u’l get some really cool tutorials…

On other hand i wanted to ask if people here r interested in revival of manga workshop??i hav enough time now that i can update it now and if there is wnough interest i’l start in from where i left :smiley:


I am definately interested! Count me in!


Interested as well :slight_smile:


My computer crashed and I am trying to figure out this imac of my wife’s. I do not have my painter. I could download it on this imac but I have no wacom. Here is what I worked on last week. I have more but I haven’t scanned it in yet. It is my tribute to Shirow Masamune’s Ghost in the Shell series.


Another Shirow

By doubled2008 at 2008-01-18

Pencil, color pencil, Sharpie pen.


Again, Shirow. Once I get the manga anatomy more down. I will start evolving my characters.


hey aggie
i see you are really putting an effort there :slight_smile: one thing about shirow san’s drawing: he’s like burne hogarth of traditional drawing…if you are careful then you will excel and if careless you may lose what all you have learned otherwise :smiley:


Every body say hi To Lana
(the Vampire not the CAt)


killer - I have been trying to get this down. It is a lot harder than I thought. I was thinking it was a little more laxed than realist work like my latest I did this weekend:
But it is almost as hard. I am taking that one and will attempt to make my character out of it to see if I learned anything from my Shirow studies.

Revliss - Another good one. See you have your style down. I have not even found mine.


hey aggie
don worrry it’l happen soon enough…in case if you are having trouble with shirow-san’s style i recommend you try shinchiro watanabe’s style or check out some studio ghibli’s animations like spirited away.they might be of some help…

revliss: going strong i see .i would lik to stress my point here when i say that your getting some good ideas nailed its time you work on some other basics like line quality and balance and mayb little perspective too because i cant really understand if her mascot is clinging to her or jus standing behind her…

keep drawing people :smiley:


Well, here is an outline. I need help with hair.

By doubled2008 at 2008-01-28

I see it now… the head is too small


what i feel in face is that you mite hav not thot alot before placing features.try to avoid lips for now just keep simple line instead to simplify my last image post i made fanart of judy jetson(the pink one :P) u can use that eye style if you want to simplify it i think is pretty much alright :slight_smile:



i think this mite be of help in exploring wide options that manga/anime has


I think I just need to come up with a face that I can call my own for her.


yea thats how it is …today there r no design restrictions in manga like there were few years ago.its all about experimenting :thumbsup: keep trying till you are satisfied…
hmmm time to do some real posting too:D

on a side note i saw your pics at post your pics thread in ref forums.wont lie if i say i was pleasently surprised.see me there soon :stuck_out_tongue:


It has been a while Killer. Since I have posted last, I have gone back to realism in traditional medium This morning I jotted down a twenty minute sketch of a flash animation I am going to make for my website. So here she is again:


I was just getting practice in. This is esurance’s cartoon character. I first drew her on paper with a pencil. I then scanned it in and colored it using Painter.




Hi killermachine. It’s been a long time here. Glad to see this thread keep going…

Aggie93// One of different from western comic and Eastern Manga(comic) is Line Dynamic.
I saw you one of shirow’s, look carefully how he handling Lines.

Good ref in here is Revliss’ drawing… (even in rough lines…) and Lovely concept.

Here is my killing time one… we (ontario) have a new holiday/// but i’m staying home


hey all
i just had new parts for makin my new pc…after struggling with for a week i finally now hav it workin but no PS for now so i still dont hav anythin solid so here’s a sketch for now to show im still in game :smiley: a design of cap america.i’l be paiuting it so it’l look better :smiley:

strumkin that design is cool.its always good to see radical designs and hav new holidays comin up :smiley:
aggie93 i gave you a small crit in your SB i think you’d would hav seen it by now

i’l post more soon people and so shud you :smiley: