Workshop - Manga Thread


since i didnt saw any thread related to manga drawings i thought i’d start 1.put ur skecthes an ideas on manga art an figurative drawings here


here is my cketch to give this thread a headstart.its a model in a fusion of tradional indian dress wid modern style


wow this is very interesting, i hope there is more threads like this on cgtalk, with tips how to draw manga and such, its much easier to draw when someone gives you usefull critique than doing it all alone.

nice sketch!! i may put one as well soon^^



My apologies, as I did not see your earlier post. :slight_smile:

I am personally not an expert by any means on manga. However, the Art Theories and Techniques Forum is more likely to have manga threads. Here is a search I ran there for manga.

Personally, I think it’s better to draw realistically and learn real anatomy first. But that’s just my opinion.

EDIT: I’d be more than happy if someone with expertise were to step forward and offer assistance, however. :thumbsup:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



I would love to see more manga and anime and a toon shader but alot of people don’t share our interest…
there has been several tries, but the user usually ends up flamed


Lately, I haven’t done manga, but here is my contribution, these are some old, will scann some new ones soon.

I love this thread too:D


Props to killermachine for starting a Manga thread:thumbsup:
Manga to me seems like a very optimised form of stylization, as proportions and forms are in one way very different from nature, like huge eyes, thick hair, the typical tapered chin etc., but in another way look very natural and alive.
Good Manga means everything is based on the basic essentials, and anime normally gets away with a minimum of animation, but is very stylish at the same time.
This render is about 2 years old… if it isnt for animation, its better to draw Manga i think… toonshaders often render slow and its difficult to make it look good from every perspective… but since i watched Appleseed, i know ill give it another try someday.


Hope u like it


If someone (Enrique) :wink: were to potentially run a Manga Workshop here on the Forum, what would you guys like to see?

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a gallery to post work :slight_smile:

edit:and a W.I.P. Section :smiley:



There’s really no need for a separate Gallery / WIP Forum, as there are already Gallery and WIP 2D Forums which are for any kind of 2D Art. :slight_smile:

A Workshop thread, however, would be exclusively for Manga Artwork, and later the best work could be showcased in the SPOTLIGHT forum. :slight_smile:




Sorry about that, I’ve never been to the 2d wip forums, and I like what your suggesting


Very nice work DigitaSol:thumbsup: Im a Manga fan too but now i preffer drawing in a more evolved form of Mnaga rather than the traditional saucer eyed characters. I also agree with Rebecca partially that one should learn the basics of figure drawing and anatomy. When i say “partially”, i mean not all the artists express their ideas in their art which cares much about the anatomical or proportional nitty gritties. I have learnt that art i a free form of personal expression and we choose oru way. If one feels a need to study extensively about human or animal forms than its good cause probably that supports his/her idea of expression. But it aint a thumb rule. I personaly like to study human figure n anatomy.

Ahh…alas… if u guys wanna check some of my work then visit and search for duce_supanova.



i got the mail today that the thread took is a very late msg to thank everyone who took interest in my thread.rebeccak im in art student so i’v learned standard human anatomy before movin to manga,i learned manga all by my self,im self taught in it.i’l put up links and all where people can get tutorials for manga an all this stuff.i’l put my next sketch very soon.i’l color them now as i’v got my graphic tablet yay
nice work digital sol.
more extensive discussions are very welcomed as well as workshops by experts

cheers people


Hello, I agree, the manga is an stylization of the human body, so you can’t just jump into the manga style without have the base of the real human anatomy, as a fact i try to divide my time among 50% real drawings and paintings and 50% for manga and other things, I have planned with Becca run a manga workshop, Im planning how it should be, think that some of real anatomy will be necessary, maybe a comparisson between the 2 forms, some of anatomy canons, construction of the face, the hair, the eyes, inner structure, geometrization, and some basic consepts, if you people have some ideas about what it should content please tell me here or PM me, thanks to both for your opinion about my work.


i think people need to know what seperates manga from normal art i.e. difference in proportion, hair ,loudness of expression and all that.incorporating them would be very useful i think…


That is the idea of making the comparisson between the 2 styles, maybe I can show it in anatomic comparissons, what you think?

EDIT: BTW thanks for the quick reply.


i was sayin the same enrique.thats the most baisc thing people need to know.being a stylized form of art if a person doesnt know its thumb rules,he cant progress.anatomic comparison would be the best way to start.u can contact me by msn and please do if u want to discuss anythin in real time…


Sure I will, soon as i get a messenger account lol, thanks a lot.


2nd thing important after anatomy is expression.manga uses expressions to their highest capabilities.i cant use them properly till im dont forget them too.