WORKSHOP - Drawing Exercises to Try - Traditional Media Only


Hi guys,

  I can see there's a need for many of you to do Traditional Drawing Exercises ~ so here is the place to come and practice them! :)

[color=LemonChiffon]This Workshop is for Traditional Media Only! Get out those pencils!


01. DESIGN brand EBONY Pencils (6B) - buy several (5 or 6)


02. Metal pencil sharpener


03. Kneaded Eraser


04. >>Sketchbook pad<< - any kind will do.


[b]Step 01:[/b] Find an interesting object or set of objects around the house. 

[b]Step 02:[/b] Arrange your objects in an interesting composition.

[b]Step 03:[/b] In a sketchbook or on sketchbook quality paper (not cheap printout paper) draw 6 thumbnail boxes with a 2B pencil at approximately the size you see below:


[b]Step 04: [/b]Find an area of the still life setup you have created that looks interesting enough to draw. Lay out a set of 6 interesting, different compositions in your thumbnails with a 2B pencil. Use a sharp pencil, and do not press heavily into the paper, or you will create an indentation that will show up when you shade.

[b]Step 05: [/b]Once you have sketched in 6 interesting compositions in a linear fashion (no shading) then proceed to use a sharp 6B pencil to shade your thumbnail sketches. 

[b]Use the following technique:[/b]

Shade using an Ebony pencil that is kept super sharp with a metal pencil sharpener. The trick is to keep the pencil always sharp ~ so it helps to have several of them sharpened and at the ready ~ and to finely shade on the point in teeny tiny circles with varying degrees of pressure to achieve lighter or darker areas. You do NOT actually create circles when you shade ~ you just move the tip of the pencil in miniscule circular motion at first very, very lightly until you are confident enough to shade more heavily.
      Wherever the light hits the strongest (the highlight area) you leave white.

[b]Below are some examples of how your drawings should look in terms of technique:[/b]


Try the exercise, and post your work! :slight_smile:

[color=LemonChiffon]This Workshop is for Traditional Media Only! Get out those pencils! :slight_smile:[/color]


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cheers becca!

i will provide the first picture to this thread :slight_smile:

finished this today and it was massive fun to do.


I said this before and I’ll say it again; great stuff! You’ve really improved, britta, you should be proud of yourself!

Wieder; toll!


im in love with that picture…its sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


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