WORKSHOP - Character Development Pipeline #001 - "THE HEAD HUNTER"


Slowly beginning on the painting. Here’s what I have so far - flipped and with another background colour so as to better reveal errors. Have at it :stuck_out_tongue:

Painting with light from two directions is proving to be something I haven’t done enough of, because this is shaping up to be a bit of a challenge. But am enjoying myself - I’ll be listening to pretty and nice music while working, all the way until I reach the dead guy. Am really not happy with the expression on her face, but meh.


Blessing: The image does look very flat - you might want to darken down the backround - unless you’re planning to make it more interesting, or make the foreground in more vivid colours.

I’m not entirely sure what kind of expression you’re going for - Cartoonish?(in which case, in what style?) Spray-can grafitti? Realism?

Rebeccak: I love the idea - very folk tale-/urban legend-ish :smiley: Looking forward to the painting.

DanielSLimon: I can picture that little guy as animated - bouncing around, throwing grenades and stuff :smiley: I can’t imagine him talking, though. Tough silent type, I guess.

The skin I’m more undure of though; it looks very bleak and grim, and to me that doesn’t fit the character very well. I’d also make the shoes brown leather, so they’ll fit better in the colour sceme and WW2 feel of things.

Danko: Looks like an amazing piece of craftsmanship, I’ll have to try this “Z-brush” program some time - I just hope I don’t like it so much I’ll buy it :stuck_out_tongue:

The kind of character isn’t entirely my cup of tea though, so I can’t really say anything else.

Default-rol: Quit chatting and get your ass to work bringing us an update :stuck_out_tongue:


@ Rebeccak: Thanks a lot for your suggestions! I will take them and fix mi piece as soon as I get a PC when I can work on the image. Once again, thanks a lot!

I love the concept of your work. Really original. I can’t wait to see the final piece. :slight_smile:

I saw the workshops you mentioned in the firsts days I joined here, and I’m in love with them. I guess I’ll susbscribe soon. Awesome works on those threads!

@ KRIGBERT: Yes, the BG is really flat, I had no chance to work it further. Also, I’m a begginer, so this is the first time I try to paint a full body, a background, etc. Thanks a lot for your crit. I was going for realism, but maybe I’m not skilled enough for a work like this. I’ll try to do my best.

@ all: Awesome stuff! Congrats!




I’ll give you the same advice I’ll give to everyone who want to improve their drawing skills. Unfortunately, I don’t know what it’s called in English, but find yourself a way to regularly draw quick full figure scetches (just to give you an idea of what I’m talking about: I took a course that started the class with a bunch of 20-second scetches, then went to 2 minutes, then to 15) of people, preferably without clothes on - and with a nice big canvas to work on.

You could pick up “Drawing with the right side of your brain” by Betty Edwards as well. At least try to understand the point that you shouldn’t draw “mouth”, “eye”, “nose” and so on - but look at the shapes you’re drawing, and transfer them through your eyes to your hands without using the logical part of your brain.

The more you draw from real life (and just carefully observing), the better you’ll get at drawing from your head :slight_smile:


Hey Blessing I really like yours, the concept is going great, the only thing is that you maybe could give a little bit of deepness by doing a warm-cold contrast or maybe try to paint the figure in a blueish color and remove saturation while the objects are more far from the camera, I like it and thats the only crit so far, :smiley: keep on the good job


KRIGBERT and Blessing, thank you! :slight_smile:

[left]EDIT: just a little update on the skull:




Becca, I just can’t keep this comment for myself: I loooooooooove how you sketch in grayscale!! :bowdown:

DigitalSol: Thanks a lot!! I’ll be following your wonderful advices!! :smiley:

Bless :wink:


Here is an update, i folowed some of the advices, i think is better now :slight_smile:


Pretty quiet in here. :slight_smile:

Blessing, thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

engelik, that looks better, keep tweaking. :slight_smile:

Here is a minor update to my character, the hand bit:

[left]EDIT: Update on the body, which I decided to repaint:




danko really nice, are you going to rig him though?
bec u doing your’s in 3d? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
i m still working on mine…so i thought i d post the final-ish model soon.


i wont b able to work on my char anymore now as my exams have come up.but i’l finish this char l8r and definatly show it you people.i’l wait for the next workshop :frowning:


This is such an interesting workshop. I feel terrible for not being able to spot it before today. The deadline is only 5-6 days away and I would have loved to take part.

I have gone through the entire thread already and I have seen many interesting and inspired entries. Well done everyone! :wink:


An update. It’s looking like it might end up a tad darker than I initially imagined.


Wrapping up this… i’ll trying finish up moonlight one… very(?) near future…no promise…
Front and side view
connecting hunted head to him

  • why he hunting?
    A; because he was beheaded by hun invasion.(his father was cheiftan of small village and refuse surrender.) all his family beheaded and abandon… he saw his parents and sisters beheaded. when he is beheaded, his body was ran away without head.

a witch,who lived in forest, put immotal bugs into his body. after that day, hun’s army destoried his village to dust.

He’s been wondering find his original head, (to eat something) first he start put animal’s head, only last one or two day then it(animal’s head is decoyed). human’s head with his body around a month or half month…

He is still wondering in deep scandina forest, to find food and what has mouth to eat…


Hey all!
Well, I’m here to tell you I’m leaving the Workshop because of my several machine troubles. I’m a little bit sad, but I know we’ll meet soon on another one.
Thanks a lot to Mike and Rebeccak for this great workshop and their wonderful words and advices.
Oh, and I’ll be watching you! Can’t wait to see the finished works!
Good luck to all!




Hi everyone… Well Ive been busy workin on this when i can. Heres the model without some detail. Ive had some probs in zbrush im trying to work out. Also im tryin to texture it as best i can but dont really know if ill be able to finish in time but im gonna give it the old college try.




[/b][left][b]Hey Everyone,

Today marks the final day of the “Head hunter” workshop. Thank you very much to everyone who took part and made this workshop a very compelling experience for me. I hope everyone who did take part got something out of it, and I do know that some of you even got work that could go straight into a portfolio. Well done.

[/b]I am very sorry that I have not been as active on the workshop in the final weeks as I would have liked / was initially, but in my defense I will say that Don Seegmiller’s “Creature painting” CGWorkshop is totally engrossing, and has taken me to distraction for large periods of time since it began.

You are welcome to keep working on your “Head hunter” projects to your heart’s content, and if anyone does develop them further then please post either here or to your own sketchbook threads. I will be unlikely to post on this workshop after today though.

Thanks again everyone, it’s been a pleasure - you should all give yourselves a pat on the back for the hard work you did!

MIKE :thumbsup:



Ummmm yeah… well i didnt quite finish in time but the introduction of this thread has definately got me workin… ive been getting into textures, bump/displacement maps and just trying to really push the character as much as possible. Still needs some work but i think its going in the right direction. Thanks for putting this thread togeather… Any comments or crits appreciated(if anyone still looks at this)…


i’m waaaaaaaay past the deadline as i’m in panick mode still jobhunting running out of money etc anyone is interested in the wip its over on my site:
happy new year all


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