Work in Progress - progress exercise



I was working on  a pushing exercise over the past few days and was wondering if anyone could please give me some c&c? 
If you could point out my weaknesses that will be great. 
Here is the link 
I know the swinging box is still moving a bit funny. If you have any funny suggestions on how to make it crash the character at the end, drop me a line. 


It’s lookin good! The very first thing i noticed though were his hands in frames 46-84, they kinda spaz out a bit. Also, around frame 180 i would make his back arc backward some, to help give it some extra stress. As for the ending, i wouldn’t make him stand all the way up and brush off ( sorry i know thats probably not what you wanted to hear :^/ ) it would be a bit more humorous if you make him notice its falling when hes on his kness (frame 420) and then try to scramble away on his hands and kness before hes crushed.

Just my thoughts, but your doing a good job so far :slight_smile:


cool animation. i think it all has good timing great style… i have to agree about the hands there is a little jitter that kinda takes away the concentration. and make his back arch a bit in his first push. everything else looks cool. maybe add a bit more shoulder when he looks back up to see the box in the end. maybe you can hide the box out of the screen. hmmm maybe you can make it spin around first and then suddenly it balances itself hehe. keep up the good work:)


Thanks heaps for both of you guys. I will get on to it straight away.


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