Wood Material does not look like wood


My latest learning case is this:

Simple Leather and Wooden Couch

The original was done in SolidWorks but it is easy enough to import the geometry to 3ds Max. The problem is one of the texture files:

When applied to the main body of the couch, it does not look right:

However, if I create a simple cube, the Wood Material is properly rendered:




in the downloads for this file there is The couch.max

When I open the file it looks like this


If you are importing the FBX you will need to adjust the scale of the textures as it looks like the xform was messed up on export.

Adjust Tiling U/V from 1.0 to 0.01 as the screenshots below


Indeed. I noticed that, too. It was after I was dealing with the SolidWorks version. The problem with the couch.max version was that I had to get a Corona evaluation. I only have 44 days left. : -(

By the way: The Corona rendering looks terrific,




James: I have a logistic comment. Notice the images that I upload:


and my images look as follows:

They can be zoomed in, with a nice image viewer provided by the site. I had to download your “Before” and “After” screenshots, and magnify them with the Windows viewer, in order to read the “1.0” and “0.01” tiling setting.

BTW: I could really use a viewer like that for my project, Google Drive has something similar. A Freelancer web designer told me that he could add it to my website, but let me down. : -(

Thanks again,



What viewer are you looking for? Im confused by your comment.


In this website, the one you get when you click on the up arrow, Next your are shown this dialog:

In Google Drive they have a similar one:

Vintage Coca-Cola Machine

Just double click of any of the images and the viewer will be started. You can click on “Next” and “Previous” arrows.

For some reason your screenshots are static.

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Ah yes, internet magic :smiley:


Notice how poor my website is. Here I have some terrific renderings, but they are not user friendly, professional.

Top Notch Renderings

You may notice that there were 6 deliveries (1-6) each getting nicer and nicer.

I cannot afford a real webpage. : -(

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In my day job I am an Internet engineer. My claim to fame was that during its deployment (moving from academic to commercial) I worked at MIT. Was in the middle of the action. Was appointed the Internet Tzar in my native Venezuela. Connected universities, companies and countries.

That said, I know more about protocols, routing, e-mail, programming. Not so much about web design.

So much knowledge, so little time!

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Have you tried putting these in unreal engine yet?


Thanks for reminding me of one of the end goals of my project. I would like to make something equivalent to this project of a, well, Titanic scale.

TITANIC: Honor and Glory - Showreel - Unreal Engine 4

Titanic Project Webpage

Instead of a transatlantic ship, mine is an 8-story building. I do have some objects which are more detailed than the amazing work above:

Care to guess what that is? It took 54 minutes to render.

Back to your Unreal Engine question: I wish I were that advanced. At the moment I am modeling as many parts of the building’s contents as I can. Have installed Unreal Engine (it is free now) and experimented with it. A more powerful PC will be required.

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There you go:

Floor No. 1. Dr. Pepper Machine.

Those seals were made of porcelain and are collector’s items in eBay. Took me forever to track down that object and others. I was able to find the fridge next to it (a Frigidaire) based on the circular concave handle. Still trying to find the precise brand of the Fire Extinguisher. I have a beautiful one, 1963 vintage, but it is the wrong brand.

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I asked about unreal engine because if you spend all this time learning each 3d software, render engine, materials etc, this could all be not much help to your end goal (still useful information to have) but my point is once you get these items into unreal engine, unless you have been using a PBR texturing method to begin with then you will have to re-create all your materials and lighting in unreal engine anyway.

Also a side note on copyright, if you are doing this project with commercial intent (instead of editorial) you need to be aware of any and all branding/logos/names that are included in the final project.


You raise and make excellent points, James. Please notice my contributions to the new SolidWorks library:



The nature of the project is Educational, and I have stated that this is and will forever be:

  • Free Open Source (those files do not belong to me, they belong to The People)
  • Not for Profit

I am pretty sure that since the goal is the utmost accuracy technical and humanly possible, the usage falls under the Fair Use Doctrine.

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Check the model we (a friend and I) are working on:

Reference images below:

Every single file produced is immediately placed in the project’s web server. They are in the public domain:


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When I began, several years ago, I had no idea about the meaning of PBR. Now I know better, thanks to you and other experts in forums like this.

The models have multiple versions, each for different purposes. They can be used standalone in a very detailed videoclip, or becoming part of a larger scene (like Titanic).

There are low-poly and hi-poly. See this video for instance:

TV Commercial of the Limo.mp4

It was done in Blender. Was first painfully polygon reduced by hand, it takes a whole night to generate the 300 frames for that 10-second video.

I am planning to have an exploded version of the Bell&Howell camera, something along these lines:


The project is supposed to become the ultimate public repository of every 3D model and version related to that case.

Since the advent of 3D capable computers, there have been 11 projects about the events and the Plaza.

This was the first:


This is the latest, with a follow up in the works, I am told:


All of them have this in common: secrecy, hidden/proprietary files and preordained results.

A guiding principle of my/your/our project: “If there are hidden files, it is not Science”

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Re copyright, educational work should be just fine then, best of luck with the project!

The camera model is looking great, keep up the good work. Lots of nice little details in that reference should keep you busy :smiley:

If I were you id start putting your assets into the unreal engine, it may help you with your pipeline to know whats required for your end product.


I am working on it. In any event, since this is an Open Source project anybody can contribute or even clone the whole web site and modify it at will. In software engineering we call that “fork”,

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James: Since you appreciate rendering and accurate details, I have a couple comments about the Stone Theater Candy Machine located in the 2nd. Floor’s Lunch room. It provided for one of my best renderings (courtesy of Corona).

I just made this videoclip, in order to illustrate some mistakes made in a famous movie:

Ollie Had the Wrong Model of Stoner Theater Candy Vending Machine

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