Wood Dragon, Chris Lomaka (3D)


Title: Wood Dragon
Name: Chris Lomaka
Country: United States
Software: Photoshop

Not actually inspired by LOTR ents; i just can’t help it if it took me forever to actually finish this one… Chinese mythology has a dragon for nearly everything, so this is my interpretation of a wood dragon.

  • It looks great!
  • The leaves in the foreground are a little flat looking.
  • Sort of a cross between realistic and painterly image.
  • The bark looks a little “soft” to me.


Great style!! I love the lighting!! Any partictular chines story inspire this?? If so where could I find some of those stories?? (I’ve checked my local library and nothing)

Ed :thumbsup:


I like it a lot, especially the lighting. As Ed said, the bark is too soft…


Wonderful scene!

volumetric lighting rocks!


great, i love the light:)


Excellent job!!
nice scene with good lighting & texture…!! :thumbsup:


overall the colour is good. But one thing that i don’t like is that there doesn’t seem to have any depth.


Very good. I like a lot your dragon :applause:


We wonder where we get the idea.
We hope that we inform.


wow man!!now I’m really impressed! this is striking…really love the concept and execution! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


I really like it so majestic. beautiful work.


lovely lovely work, really nice details on the wood.

and the vulumetric light with the bits of wood dust is gougous!


great render !


Hi Chris!

I’m curious if you’ve done any changes to your dragon from when you first posted it back in February?

I happen to love dragons and liked the direction you took with your “wood dragon” so I downloaded the JPG of your model back then. :slight_smile:



Very nice work. I don’t realy know exactly why, but i actualy find important appeal to scene which represent nature and other green stuffs. Maby it remind me that i spend too much time at staring at my flat screen: nevertheless, this one is realy nice!


The words aren’t coming into my mind. It’s fantastic. The volumetric lights and, the face of the dragon, is amazing. Quite nice work man.

In my opinion the pictures like this are the best. The feeling of the picture is better than anything what i have seen.


waow…its so perfect:thumbsup: :thumbsup:
great jop:thumbsup:


this is very cool, it looks similar to some of the stuff ive seen done with ZBrush


wow, great idea.
and very nice lighting.:applause: