With this image, I was trying to capture that sense of awe and magic we experience as children (and as adults if we let ourselves!) - that feeling of vast possibility and discovery.


A very beautifull pic with a great charmed atmosphere. Only one crit, the castle on the rock is perhaps too blue


I love it! It makes me think of my sons discovering the quest for heaven! Awesome!


I really enjoy this one, it says so much about a child’s imagination, and the fact that the lil one has a ball in his hand makes it seem like he got distracted by this beautiful cloud castle in his imagination. I could very well see my son getting distracted like that. It’s gorgeous and heart warming. Amazing job!


Thank you for your comments, folks - I appreciate them :wink:

Laurent, ta for the crit - I’m so used to looking at it I never thought of the blue that way.

Trey and Drea, I’m really glad to hear it’s making you think of your kids, that was really the goal of the image - cheers!



Very nice it certainly is magical and pure. :thumbsup:


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