Women.lizards, Le Chen (2D)


Title: Women.lizards
Name: Le Chen
Country: China
Software: Painter

The painting depicts a woman hands Tuozhuo a chameleon, a Chinese national painting style, whether from a woman’s clothing or jewellery was with the surrounding environment are very delicate ethnic Chinese style. Paintings depict women ornaments and hands on the chameleon. I draw considerable energy in the details presented above, to allow more true picture more. I hope you like it!


What - the - hell :eek:!

That is unbelieveable…wonderful colours and incredibly realistic. I had to look a few times to make sure it wasn’t a photo! Really lovely stuff. I hope you’ve submitted this to Expose! Beautiful work.


fantastic!!i love this!!so beautiful.:applause:


Miraculous! 5 star! Congratulation! this is the best portrait i have ever seen!:bowdown:


wow! Amazing details. I love the colours and the lighting. Wonderful!


Whoa! That is just stunning! Unbeliavably good! The colours, the pose, the composition, the skin, the jewlery - its just eye candy in the extreme!
Surely the cage and flowers in the foreground is a photograph? It looks too good!

Without dbout, 5 stars for you!


Unbelievable work, 5 stars.


Incredible… Spot on rendering of just about anything in there, she looks so alive man! Awesome!!!

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


:scream: Best painting I have seen on this site. Well, one of the best anyhow. The detail is stunning. The colors on the liz. remarkable. Well done. I’m going to send myself to my room now and practice.


Fantastic done! :thumbsup:


dear Feixin , this is wonderful ! i could stare at the detail for hours , good choice of the texture , color and lighting ! ^___^ keep up good job !


Whoa! It’s perfect, I can’t believe how many little details you put in there!


Front page material for sure. Linda Bergkvist would be proud of this pic I’m sure :slight_smile: The only problem with this image is that it makes us ordinary artists look real crap :banghead: If I could give you 10 stars I would. Fantastic


What a beautiful painting this is. Would love to see some close up’s of the face and the jewels
5* :thumbsup:


woooooow amazingGGGGGgggggggg shot:argh: :bowdown:


WoW! Briliant artwork! Excellent render and idea, love it very much 2x 5stars :bowdown:


Well, all I can do is to agree with everyone else… :slight_smile:

Incredible job!


Honestly, this looks like it was done with a combination of different photos. There are quite a few places where things are of lower quality than the rest of the piece: the Chameleon, the shadow of that thing on the wall is low quality and being cast in the wrong direction compaired to the light source, the cloth under the cage (to the left) is also low quality. There are some other things too.

If you can show a work in progress then I’ll believe this wasn’t photo manipulation. But if you trully did paint this then I’m impressed.


Crikey! That is niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice! I really appreciate the work you’ve put into the details:arteest:


…do it in painter? only painter?..you’re a master!! very rich of details…I am without words…Wonderful work! …no less than 5 stars!:arteest: