woman's head


hello sirs,

This is my first post. I started using 3-ds max 4 a couple months ago. My friend suggested I start doing 3d art. I’m making this woman’s head it still needs soooo much work. I was wondering how to get a shadow where her nose holes are. Man if any one can help me I’ll be forever greatfull.

thanks. dave from wyoming


sorry but it seems that your pic doesn’t show up


sorry about that man. I fixed it.


Looking very good she is nice and the skin texture is good like the lips the only thing(s) i can see are:

Neck needs to be a bit thicker not much just a little bit and the ears are very errr flat :wink: or somthing just dosnt quite click with those but the rest is looking really good cant wait to see it wiff some hair :thumbsup:


She looks good and pretty but has some issues to fix

As Mr.wheels says neck, ears and also I would say the base of the nose and the upper lip
And btw the eyebrows are to low

But keep going I’ll waiting for updates

Could you post face/side views ?


ahhh, thanks so much for the advice! I’ll get working right away.


o.k. thanks agen for the advice I made the neck bigger, added more detail under the nose and neck, made the chin smaller, made the ears smaller reshaped the mouth, and worked on the jaw. anny more weak points you guys can pick out would be much apriciated. thanks.

dave from wyoming


here’s another angle.


this is quite an improvment the ears look much better and the neck is a big thicker good job on those and also I re-read ur first post I dunno a whole lot about max as Im a maya user but I think if you set a spot light or similar above her and turn on ray trace shadows that might work …maybe im not a lighting expert :frowning:

but I think its a huge improvment Cant wait to see her with hair maybe ?


thanks man, I stiched her up and added skin. hey if your ever making eyes I found out a cool way to make blood vanes. if you take a pictuere of lightning and select the white parts coulor them blood vein coulor and paist them on your eye map in another layer and lightly use an eraser to blend it in and flatten it, it works really good. I’m adding hair next.


I cant wait to see :wink: some black or dark brown hair maybe ? …I dunno similar to a Maya Paint effects tutorial in which a girl is given brown hair this may suit the model really well :wink:

Just an idea.

Thats an image

And a wire

and the tut

hope that helps…more…:smiley:


thanks man, that tutorial made it allot easier than the rout I was going to take. I started on the hair. I totally agree with you brown hair is the way to go for this head.


very nice work…keep going like this

excellent job


thanks, I added some soft hair near the hair line but I still have a lot to do.


Hey Dave
This is looking really good. I really like the eyes and nose and mouth, the whole front of the face is looking great. The hair also is looking like it is coming along really well. The ear is looks a little off though compared to the rest of the model. It needs more thick ness to the outside edges or something. Otherwise keep up the good work, its looking really nice.




this looks good…i was a bit skeptical about the mouth at first…but it looks good now…i agree with darth about the ears…they don’t seem thick enough


thanks, yeah I was so exited to see what she’d look like with a texture I just made an ear shape and stuck it on I should have taken more time. here are the new ears. I think I should make them a little more curvy inside. what do you think?


and here’s its proportion to the head.


when I went back to do the ears I found a bunch of other mistakes dents prepotrtions unconected vertacis that kind of stuff. thanks you guys you really made me take a close look at what I had done. now I’m ready to add hair.


well I added hair again it looks kind of bad right now. I better keep working on it. I want to thank you guys again for your coments it really helped me out allot.