woman portrait, Young Xiao Qi (3D)


Title: woman portrait
Name: Young Xiao Qi
Country: China
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop

hi all !
this is my new work,
i use 3ds max 8 for the whole model,
and i use “3dsmax hair” creating the woman’s hair and fur.
i use "sss fast skin "Material for the skin.
and render with mentalray.
i 'm really not good at english,i hope you can like it !
please give me some comments and critiques .

thanks all ! :>


wow. skin is awesome! The metal on her jewelry looks great as well! 4 stars. Nice work, especially for all 3DS Max. Great job way to rock!


i like the skin and the lips !! :slight_smile: but not the hair do… if she had a long hair i think would look more attractive :thumbsup:


really nice skin textures. the anatomy looks good but im not a specialist in character tought. The things i dont like is the shadows the hair creates on the forehead, it looks like the hair is not real. The ear geometry looks to perfect i thing, it would be nice to add a bit of variation on the ears curve.

general its really nice, 4 stars


She looks phantastic!
Absolutely great skinshader
and great Lighting.

Almost real…
Absolutely briliant…
5 stars!


Wonderfull! Beautifull!


Although I think the anatomy isn’t totally correct (there’s something about the eyes), the picture is truly amazing because of that skin! So real! :thumbsup:


Wow, amazing work.

There’s only two, maybe three things that reveal that its not a photograph.

  1. The hair strands seem a bit too smooth. e.g. The highlights on the hair to be specific.

  2. The eyes. I cant quite pinpoint it, but there’s something wrong about them. If she wore sunglasses I probably would have thought it was a photo. The thing about photorealism is, if something is slightly off, you notice it immediately, especially with things you are used to seeing every day.

  3. The skin shading around the chest area seems a bit too rubbery/wax-like.
    The shading of the face is pretty much perfect.

Still, its an amazin image.


*she is alive!! its almost real…let her smile for me:scream::bounce:


哥门,做得真棒!要像你学习啊! 很想看一下这幅作品的贴图,能放出来吗?谢谢:)


Great work. very nice face.:thumbsup:


Great work :thumbsup: 4*

I love skin shader, would you be so kind and share your sss fast skin settings with us? :slight_smile:


great work~

the skin looks very goooood

like it very much:thumbsup:

only one comment is the hair looks not very nature


wow…so real
5 stars


good work, I like it… The skin is top
I think the hair can be improve…
but it is great!


Very very beautiful work. I’m no specialist in character modeling…but just want to say some things from general observation, if you make a hair style which is more real/something that you see around you; and do the eye makeup and eyelashes more natural, she will look absolutely real.

Love the skin and lips, very real! 5* from me :thumbsup:


this skin looks too real! wonderful work!


wow, impressive.


Hi there,

the skin’s looking great! The whole picture looks great!

Where can I get a free and good tutorial to add a realistic skin texture? And where can I get realistic skin textures?




Wow that skin looks awesome. Great job!