Wolverine X Spiderman, Diego Alberto Eis (2D)


Title: Wolverine X Spiderman
Name: Diego Alberto Eis
Country: Brazil
Software: Illustrator

lineart by gordotote.deviantart.com
Colors for Me, in Illustrator 10.
4 hours of work. Only gradient tool.


Ooops !!
Gooood Painting …
Also Spider Lines Very Good
I Love The Shadow …
Keep Up :wink:


The image looks great! This is somewhat off-topic but why are the newer versions of Spiderman always with HUGE “eyes?” Was there some reasoning behind the alteration?


nice color work man, i like it, looks so stylish



Xcellent! Love it!



Nice style! Looks old-school and modern.

I really like how you did Wolverines face.


very good work man i like it very much, i think wolverine win:)


Awesome work. :slight_smile: Nice color palate. The ink is great and the dynamic of the composition is
outstanding. It reminds me a bit of Humberto Ramos works but that doesnt bother me. This
work has his own potential and I like it a lot. I so some of your works on deviant art and I was
quite impressed. Keep it up!



Gooooooooood jobbbbbb~~an extraordinary pictureeeeeeee:thumbsup:


Super, I adore the style :thumbsup:


Very well! it is really a beautiful use of the Illustrator software, not many people will think of using this software to make such an illustration, style comics! :applause:


illustrator is the tool i use mostly during my work. always like to see someone using it to color line art. great job!


the great eyes are after McFarlane draw spiderman and the artist after him still with this


the Huge eyes are after McFarlane draw spiderman and the artist after him still with this


Nice style, I love the action you have going on in this. Great Job.


Wow! Thx a lot for all!
These words be very important for me! Thanks.



Wolverine rulez!!! :smiley: the picture’s excellent :slight_smile: keep up the good work :slight_smile:


I love this picture, since Im a lover of spiderman and comic book style art. The only thing that bugs me is on spiderman’s foot, it looks like a blade is coming out of it. What is that? Everything else is excellent. Good job and keep it up.


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