Started this for fun/practice over the weekend. Going to try and make a realistic wolf. This might suck, since I don’t do organic/creature modeling all that often.


Paw closeup:

It’s eventually destined for a still (so just a pose rig). No sculpting/fur/textures yet, still working on the base mesh. Any feedback is appreciated.


Hey man,

I tried something similar a while ago, and it didn’t turn out very well :blush:. Photo realitic animals seem to take a few tries before you get it looking right, so don’t worry about that.

Do you plan on using a hair system? One of the biggest challenges I found was to get the base mesh correct. It can be tough to get the thickness of the hair worked out, as you essentially have to model the animal as though it were bald. I know a lot of animals look way different when shaved. You might want to see if you can dig up some illustrations or photos of bald wolfs. :surprised



You should make the claws separate form the body.

Also need to block more your body. If you plain fur you need to match the body without it:

Taxidermy site can help a lot for eye texture and body part. I bought the teeth of myself, really help me


Thanks. Looking at that picture and a few others, I’m thinking the curve of the back still needs some work. I’m a little unsure how much of the “hairless” shape to go for here, I’ve changed my mind on the shape of the tail quite a few times already. I suppose I can always paint a fur length map or something to fluff the tail, so maybe I should make the mesh a lot thinner and more stick-like.


I did a quick draw over on your sculpt to show some of what I’m seeing in general.

Studying the anatomy of canies will help you to visualize how they are put together. Wolves tend to be pretty fluffy making it hard to see what really going on with the skeleton and muscle. But unless you have a good understanding of the underlying structure it’s going to be hard to sculpt a convincing animal.

Finding reference pics that show the top, front, back and underside is very important. This will help you get the volumes right.

Good luck. It looks like a fun project:)


Wow, thanks for that sketch. I really appreciate it.



Currently here:

Some fur and shader settings in place (pretty much placeholders, please excuse his terrible test haircut):

Wireframe (with UV seams marked):

UVs themselves:

The empty spot at the top left is bugging me, but I can’t think up a good way to lay things out to cover any more space

And a test pattern:

Shaders and UVs are in place though, so texturing time tomorrow! (hopefully)


You should redo your head… Wolf nose need more work. Don’t jump on the UV yet

Give us your 3 views (front, side and 3 quart) for correction



You have a pretty nice cartoon wolf right now. But if you are really going for realistic you’re going to have to dig in and study anatomy more carefully. The bone structure is what determines the shapes we see on the surface. Try to find pictures of wolf and dog skeletons. Then see where the bones are the widest, where they are narrowest. Envision how close the surface the bones will come. Taxidermy sites may even have wolf mannequins you can study. Looking at short haired dog breeds will help you see the true body structure. Focus on dogs that are built like wolves. If you happen to have a dog handy, pet it and feel the planes of the body under the fur.

Wolves have lean muscles. It lays close to the bone. The only thing that gives them a round soft look is the fur. Because you intend to use particle hair on this guy what you need to sculpt is the muscles underneath. Get that right and your fur will have something to follow.

Put time into learning what you need to finish this project and it will improve your skills a lot. Rushing through it to the next thing will just be a missed opportunity.


A lot of google image searches of hairless and stuffed dogs later… (and a lot of mesh cage editing, and sculpting)

To quote Samwise, “I think i’m getting the hang of this!”

How am I doing?


You’re defiantly starting to see the structure and your sculpting is getting much better. You have some nice subtle things happening now.

But I think it’s taking on more of a domestic dog appearance. For the length of the body the legs are too short. Wolves are long legged. Just how long depends to the type of wolf, but overall they should be longer then you have them now. The spine should travel up towards the hip. Shoulder blade is longer. Thinner neck. More bone in the lower jaw. From the front: the shoulders slant outward. Chest is higher. Top down; shoulder needs to be farther back. Narrower at waist. Angel in sharper from point of hip to tail bone.

This is what I’m seeing when I compare your sculpt to reference pictures.


Ok, I think I can work with that. You’ve been a huge help to me, thank you!


Because wolf are ancester of the dog. you can use the dog anatomy ref for the body:


OK, increased the tweaked the head, legs, and shoulders as suggested. And added fur:

Still not 100% happy with the clumps and length on the fur, might still mess with that a little bit.


You really try to scukpt a realistic wolf?? because you jump on the fur without correcting your modeling. Stop jumping and come back to the blocking… at less the head


To be honest, it wasn’t until I compared the rendered w/fur version to the reference photo that I could even see what was wrong with the head. Without the context of the fur, the proportions are very hard to compare to any reference photos. So I guess I’m going to be making some more changes the slow way (but the only way…)

Also, it seems wolves have a much different head shape than the dog in that anatomy drawing? The forehead seems much taller and more rounded: http://www.jon-atkinson.com/Large%20Images%201/Grey%20Wolf%203.jpg


More tweaking:


Normal dog skull are like wolf skull. So you can base your basic shaoe head on any dog skull side view… The main problem for you is the nose the jaw and the eyes position


OK, lots more face work. Calling it a night (and thus a weekend) at this point. I think I finally managed to get the eye height and spacing right, although I might need to sink them into the skull a little more. Snout/nose/jaw still need a little tweaking too. (and it needs textures and a rig still…and an environment…)

Front view:

Quarter view:

Scote and tibbi, thank you for beating me into refining this so far. I would’ve had a much crappier result and learned a hell of lot less about anatomy and character modeling than I have so far.