Wolf / Werewolf WIP


Hi everyone! This is my first post on CGTalk! I’ve been working as an intern this summer at a small animation studio, and mostly I’ve been working on CG effects for a short werewolf movie. Myself and another intern have so far been working on the needed models. Any comments and critiques are appreciated. Thanks very much for looking!

This model is the werewolf’s head in mid-transformation. Just a note- The ears are intentionally higher than a human’s since they’re moving up the skull at this point. 5110 polys–

This is the fully-transformed model–basically just a wolf. 3232 polys–

Everything done in Wings 3D, tho models were taken into Lightwave modeller every once in a while when poly hiding was needed. Both models are all quads; I learned modelling in LW and quad-models are my style. Excuse the glitches in the wireframes, LW can’t render nonplanars too well. Model tweaks, fur and textures in the works! Cheers :slight_smile:


ps. fur will be made w/ Shave and a Haircut in Maya


Here’s a small update–fur so far on the wolf’s head using shave and a haircut for Maya; no texturing yet, just some very basic lighting. Also integrated some awesome eyeballs created by another member of the studio. Rest of the body coming soon. Render time 25:23–

Color-mapping the fur should help to clean up some of the spottier areas like around the nose and eyes. Thanks for looking! any comments appreciated



no one’s replied? this is pretty early in production but has great potential :slight_smile: i like the wolf pic, but it looks too… clean. the hair looks perfectly trimmed and doesn’t look like it’s long enough. i would imagine a wolf would be a bit shaggier… then again, this is half-human, so maybe shaving as a human helps when you’re a wolf :wink:


This is looking very cool, and I do love my werewolves. You mentioned this was mid-transformation, but at present it looks like a normal dog. I think it would look more of something hideous/human/wolf in its in between stages. It could be just the design you are working with.

Nice stuff!!!



Thanks for the kind words DrakeX, I was beginning to feel invisible! I’m re-tooling the fur on the head to be a bit longer and shaggier/scruffier, as you suggested. The body hair is combed but not tweaked, and I’ve thrown some estimated render settings on it (body, feet, tail–all seperate shaveNodes). Should have a pic of that up tomorrow. Peace



Thanks Kravenous! Actually, to clarify a little, there are two seperate character models here that are both part of the larger project. The upper image/model seen in my first post is a half-human/half-wolf hybrid, to be used during the werewolf’s transformation. The lower image on the first post–as well as the furred head from the second post–are for the fully-transformed werewolf, which is supposed to be basically a large quadrupedal wolf. The underlying character concepts were not up to me. However, I’m responsible for the design and execution (as well as a second intern who worked on sketches and co-modelled, though has since ended the internship). :shrug: that felt long-winded!



i am also surprised more people havent replied to this. Anywayz, great job on the modeling and the hair is looking good. I actually have nothing to crit at the moment. Again, great job.


This has a lot of potential. Keep up


Ok, here’s two more renders. Both have issues, but hey–this is a WIP! Also, thanks for the encouragement guitarhero14 and foreverendering; it’s great to hear

A view from in back of the head to see how the head node/fur would interact with the body node/fur on the back of the neck. I was pleased! Don’t pay any attention to the seam down the ear–I forgot to smooth the model and that creates artifacts like this–

and here’s the whole body furred. There are some problems: the fur is too clumped (Frizz / Frizz frequency settings) and the tail looks a little too thick though it’s hard to see. I’m happy with how the nodes are working together. I also need to start worrying about the lighting/coloring. The fur is in fact almost black, and is being lit by the 3 spotlights in the scene–no, there’s no color mapping! even on the face. wacky, eh? render time 2:21:48 (yes, that’s 2 hours+, shave is great but takes its sweet time)–

Today I’ll be working some on the clumping and the lighting/specular settings, trying to make the fur look black (as it needs to be).



by the way… foreverendering, your Minotaur character is sweet!–I knew I recognized your avatar from some other thread.


Hey thanks Dan :slight_smile:

Hook my thread up with a reply sometime :slight_smile:

Your update is looking good, keep going. If you can get the fur on the entire body to look as good as that on the head and neck, this model will be looking great! I can only hope the fur I get on my Minotaur’s legs looks as good



Update. The wolf has some darker fur now. Not the highest quality render, and the highlight on the nose doesn’t look too good. Strange fur behavior on the neck and the butt. I can’t wait to see this model animated–

Peace Dan


Lookin pretty good man. My only crit would be that the fur on the body is kind of strangely clumped …it goes against the realism you’re after.

Since you’re doing more with fur in this one model than I’ve ever done, I don’t have any technical input as yet about making it better. Somehow you’ve got it packed more tightly/realistically around the head and neck area (probably more vertices there? - I forget how fur works exactly).

Proportions and everything else look awesome. Keep it up!


Thanks for the encouragement and the critique, kgkraeer! I agree with you about the clumpiness of the fur–I’ll be working on it tomorrow. My supervisor looked at this version and was happy with it, but I still share your concerns. I think I’ll try and improve it anyway!

Technically, I think the problem has something to do with Frizz Frequency, which is a setting in Shave. Since there’s no way to get realtime feedback, tweaking becomes that much more difficult–I wish there existed the equivalent of FPrime for Maya, and that it supported Shave too! Oh well…



Fur settings tweaked. Lights tweaked (darker version was requested). Problems: no light on eye, problems with light on head, fur issues in places, and one paw looks tilted but it’s not (it’s just the lighting cutting out). Low Quality shave AA and 2-passes per shaveNode–

It’s getting there.



This is the final version of the wolf, for the time being. The lighting is causing a few problems, and the fur bunches in a spot or two, and the nose looks like plastic, but I’m mostly happy with it. High Quality AA, 3 passes per Node, 3hr–

What do you think? Suggestions are welcome! I just noticed that that left-front paw is still funky. I’ll update with tweaks and, eventually, some final composites. :thumbsup:



u might wanna lower the hair intensity on the knees, and reduce the hair down below the knees. other than that its looking good


martok, what do you mean by hair “intensity”? length? density? Just checking what you meant–thanks for the comments! Dan


oh sorry dan5981, what i meant is that ur wolf’s leg from the bottom has the same length, if u take a look at some pictures of wolfs u will see what i mean, here is an example, u almost got it right but the edge need to be more smoothed and the bottom need to be almost naked, the leg from the upper joint need to have 2 muscles that connect to the knee joint, another thing that the upper leg joint has to look wider than the knee just a bit. dont add match the density of the length of the hair withg the rest of the body, cos the legs has very few hair over, depens witch type of wolf.


Here’s a head-shot with fur added. First test render with some odd lighting artifacts. 30min render–