Wolf, Ma.ma.me.ya (3D)


my new work,use MAYA fur and Paint Effect,any comment is appreciated.Thank you.


Awesome, indeed almost a painting. My only crit would be that the glow to the left seems to be coming from the wolf itself instead of from the lightsource (which seems to be at the right).
Ow and the nostrills are too thick, they don’t seem to be hairs but more little strands of… something.

Besides those two points it’s an amazing job :thumbsup:


Very nice! I think the wolf’s fur is a bit too long, though. It’s tail and ears look really fat. But still, excellent work! Way better than what I could do.



amazing work!!


Absolutely love it. No crits. This is my new desktop image:drool:



wait iam confused is this a painting in maya with their paintfx tools. or is it a model of a wolf with fur and then you painted the grass. anyway this is some alsome work you got here. i give it 10 start. **********:thumbsup: :buttrock:


could you post a wireframe and some brief info on how this piece was created …

…more CG-animals please! :slight_smile:


Very nice work pal!:drool: :thumbsup:


:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Awesome luv the painterly feel to it:buttrock: :buttrock:


This is hmmrgh…REALLY AMAZING…I Wanna see the model to see if it’s not a painting…Prove it. Proof…proof:wip: :surprised


looks great but need some wireframes to tell


Very good!!..I like very much the fur…it is easy to use Maya Fur? I’m a 3dsmax user…and I’m thinking about using Maya… :slight_smile:


hey, consider toning down the high-contrast areas around the inside of the ear and face, it will help the eyes pop more, and give a easier focus of attention.


That is absolutely beautiful! It makes the wolf I am working on look like it needs alot more work. The only crit I have is in the thickness in the tail. Actually I think after looking at it again that it just needs the hair to extend straight out from the tail more so then back towards the tip.
Great Job:applause:


Wow, awesome… looks sooooo much like a painting! :applause:


is ‘paint effect’ a shader for Maya?
wow it looks absolutly fabulous!


the texture on his face looks a bit too symetrical to me, especially in his current pose.

maybe you should alter one side a tiny bit to make it appear more natural.

otherwise really nice job


Don’t worry about if the wolf looks like the source of light. It adds to the piece if the wolf itself has a subtle glow. It could inspire a certain vibrancy, an almost dreamlike quality to the render. I do agree with popping out the eyes some more. Keep on truckin’!


This looks great- has a very painterly feel to it. Only thing to crit is the whiskers do look a little too thick (IMO). But still fantastic Job!!!:thumbsup: