"wohoo!", Goro Fujita & Stephan Stölting (2D)


Title: “wohoo!”
Name: Goro Fujita & Stephan Stölting
Country: Germany
Software: Photoshop


We (stephan and I) made a collaboration painting in Photoshop yesterday. I started to paint an environment very roughly. Then I passed the painting to stephan who went on painting. Then he gave it to me again and I went on…we changed
the painting five times and this is the result.

We had a lot of fun while painting cause we didn’t know what the other one was drawing. You should give it a try!




Oh, god, this is just funny as s*** ~ great work, guys! The flying bunny is just priceless. :thumbsup: And this definitely puts a twist on the classic tale of Benjamin Bunny… :smiley:

Cheers! :slight_smile:



hehe nice work … thats what i just had i mind when i get back :thumbsup:


nice work guys! I dig the lighting.


very good work.
original concept.


Good to see you guys are still doing collaborations! Start posting more in the collab thread! :smiley:

Really sweet.


Oh!It’s so nice!
I like it:thumbsup:


The painting really reflects the fun you two must’ve had, especially the “wohoo” of the pilot.:thumbsup:
I think some speed/light trails would make this piece more dynamic.


LOL, Love it, looks fun I wanna try both the jomp and the colb drawing… Good job guys :smiley:


a perfect collaboration:) :thumbsup: a fantastic outcome


Nice work boys! :thumbsup:

I like it very much, great style and colors. keep it up :slight_smile:


Thats some great work. Good way to get stephan posting work again too :wink:

You guys should do this more often!


yet a nice piece of you !!! so dramatical with this kind of light !!
excellent !
4 StarZ from me !



great idea, nice work :thumbsup:


thnx for your kind words everyone! It’s very much appreciated.
We are planing to do more of those collaboration paintings.
It’s fun and you get fast results!




You get 5 stars from me, one of the most original ideas and compositions I’ve seen here.

I especially like the flying rabbit!


Ah, that image made my day. :applause:

Terrific job, the both of you. :slight_smile:


Heyy! Great one! Congrat!

Can you post a bigger version of the WIP or can you make a wip thread for it? I would be very very :love:!


Hey Goro, great design man! great style in the composition, you doing allright man, keep up:D


ha yes very intresting peice… i must say i love the colors and the rabbits are a nice touch =)