without name yet, maybe island


hi guys! i have great desire to create a cartoon and even have a beginning, look at

but I don’t have scenarios, so creating animatics will be my first step (previous story, what i have, don’t like me any more) I will be very appreciated for any criticism & advice’s, and I hope publication WIP here help me doing this work more faster, and sorry me if i will write with mistakes, my english is poor yet (


The first render looks really cool!


the story starting in desert, where long time, without water man can’t find out. eventually he gets sunstroke and starts mirage where after he finds himself on the island in open sea.

it’s just half of animatic, other part i will show later. So I will begin modeling, texturing


cool concept!! I like :slight_smile:


finally I completely made my main hero, his name Vasil. he’s got archaeology education
and got belief that in Sahara desert, under sands is Atlantida. that’s how he ended up there

next on is seagull


ready other model


I like your characters, especially the seagull :). Can you show some wireframes?
Will you keep the texturing on the wooden raft? I think its too realistic compared to the characters.
I’m looking forward to your progress.


Hi ElPollo! thank you for feedback! with wooden raft I not decided yet, but i also think that realistic texturing will be not from this song



first of all: best turnaround ever :smiley:
and I love the palm leaves. I don’t know why but they really feel like having the right style.

really looking forward to see more


thank’s Julian )
now I create previz for better understand situation and place action, it’s just first scene in desert.


so I start modeling desert environment…


hi guys, and sorry, I long time did project on side and doing it now, but I come back. And decided that previous story is shit :slight_smile: it’s too long and too complicated. From the outset I planned to do simple film by 1 - 2 minute, like it’s doing VFS’s student, just for demonstrating my skills. Another problem, what me seems, is selected theme of island, Robinzon, sea - who just did not do similar story ) so I think new story is extremely important and maybe i have one ) but now I want share with you poster for film. I’m finally finished texturing


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