Witchy woman, hua hong (3D)


Title: Witchy woman
Name: hua hong
Country: China
Software: Digital Fusion, Maya, mental ray, ZBrush

I want to creat a mysterious gril,beautiful and Melancholy.In the forest but not a elf, just like a Witchy woman.
I created the modle in maya,made the pose in zbrush.She’s hair used shave &hair cut.

I hope you like she .Thank you.

My English is very poor,so sorry for the mistake.


amazing work


oh my gosh… lovely… she’s beautifull.
Nicely done.
I have to say… you have gotten the hair and the shaving right…hehe.
awesome work man…


Thanks for your words,I found my mistake,but I can’t edit the post.
Let me try again.


Wow great work. Amazing modeling on her. Lighting and shading seems just right too.
The Background is also very nice. Really great work! 5*


Good work :thumbsup: i like the hiar and cloth
but i have some remark :arteest:
the hand is like of doll
cheers!! :bounce:


Nice face! But all other anatomy are not so good… O! and nice environment! :thumbsup:


Very nice job man.Keep up the good quality.:thumbsup:


Very beautiful! Some anatomy is off, but it doesn’t seem like you’re going for realism. I like the environment and the lighting rocks!


great image :slight_smile: keep it up:buttrock:


A beautifull creation! Nice rendering with an atmosphere I like very much. Well done! :thumbsup:


wow! pretty beautiful! .


very good work.

one crit : belly cloth white lighting tint is too bright


good man like it!



nice work :cool: one comment from my side :lightbulb render lacks depth :lightbulb no continuity in background and foreground :lightbulb 3stars


very nice work. in my humble opinion foreground area has some extra bright values then the source light can cast here. and the way source light illuminating her hands, face and surrounding area there is no shadow casting form the source glowing light(as the light source is omni directional. like her hands shadow should be there on her legs or on the grassy ground somewhere and the body shadow as well. but overall is really good.



I’d hit it…Um, I mean great work man. Seriously, great work. Colors and lighting are very nice. Pose is a little cliche but I’m nit-picking.


Thanks to everyone’s views.
[left]These are very useful to me.I will do better next time。[/left]
[left]Thanks to all.[/left]


good job!:applause:
4stars from me.


[left]It is an honor to see you reply.I already know you a long time.[left][left]Your new works great![/left]