witch and pets


just a drawing


Amazing character design…!!

Very appealing, creative and original…!!

Love the ‘pets’, though they seem more like her side-kicks/slaves/assistants.
They’ve got a really cheeky look to them.

Excellent work…!!! Keep it up…;D

:applause: :applause:

:bounce: nickyH


where can i get a tattoo like this?

:stuck_out_tongue: great stuff


Wow that seriously creeps me out! You’ve done a great job of capturing some wicked voodoo:applause: ! I like the little guys running around. The other guys are right about the charecter design it’s very good for your chosen subect.

The mask covering her face makes it so you feel little conection to her
human-ness and an intimidating nature about the subject; which puts across a very unsettling, awesteer feeling. Coupled with the fact that her breasts are exposed giving the subject a very raw unbridled nature. The result is a feeling of primal energies.

Serious props great work.

The one crit I would give is that her body language with arms extended to the sides seems kind of un-dymic. Perhaps try extend them further as if she is experiencing the energies around her. Or try a different possition for them.

Please don’t be insulted this observation as it is not ment to be offensive but is honestly the first thought that came to mind thinking about her body language. It reminds me of something like, a little kids show charecter; like an adult in a big animal suite with his arms extended to the children. A little creepy but probalbly not in the way that you are looking for. :slight_smile:

I’m sure that you are not wanting to rework the whole drawing just a comment for future refference in body language (personal opinion don’t take to seriously). The picture is seriously bad ass so please don’t be offended I think it is great.
The witch really freaks me out :thumbsup:


Interesting sketch and character.


great characters, great lines. will you finish it?

keep it up :smiley:


Excellent!! I really hope you color this one someday


nice work, love the demon babies running all around :slight_smile:


nice work…


This is a great character design. Really, really nice.

I was wondering if it would be OK to use this reference to do a model of this character? Would that be OK?



I too would like to make a model from one of these character, perhaps one of the pets. I hope you don’t mind.


Love it. Original and a great sketch. It needs to be painted!!! It would look awesome with colour and some lighting.


Very nice character design…!!

interesting concept!


wow such nice design those little monsters really scare the hell out of me! and her “hat” really special!!!

you got the atmosphere just perfect!!! what can i say? keep it up!


Very Macabre, I like it a lot, I agree with everyone else, this would be so cool in color! A little Froudian too, which is great too!


Nice work. :slight_smile:



take a look at this one:


(3d model of the design)


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