Wishlist for Painter


I have a problem with filter previews like equalise and brightness and contrast. Only when everything is selected will it properly preview the effect. I’m getting fairly annoyed at times since it requires too much cpu power and memory to do this on large canvases(selecting everything).
I’d also like to see the resizing fixed on the eraser, they look like small enough issues.

Theonly problem I can really think of besides is that brushes behave very unpredictably at very low resaturation settings, suddenly a plethora of hues is employed to colour something. Makes it hard to get subtle.

Great program though! :slight_smile:


woow… saint corel:bowdown: :bowdown: . .my first wishes…

  1. technical opacity like in photoshop(layer opacity in all of type brushes…)…

similarly as digital watercolor …abrasive

  1. shortcut to the brush preset(all manual)( similarly as in cinema 4d

example:brush\erasers\flat darkener10 ,shortcut F+D(F^D)

  1. Rake to the all of type brushes.
    4.fresh* layers (like in ps…and more!!!):thumbsup:



Here’s my short wishlist:

  1. ability to group and collapse layers of different type (overlay+default for instance)

  2. second live view of the image, like photoshop has (one for zoomed out “preview” and other you could work on id zoomed in state)

  3. the palettes scroll bar on the right is always visible, whether you can scroll or not (window has reached maximal size) - this is a waste of space.

  4. ability to customize the toolbox palette - add/remove elements, and have it’s size customizable (I’d like to be able at least to make it horizontal instead of the vertical narrow size it is now).

  5. adjustable color set palette size (I’d like to make it way smaller then the allowed minimum now)

  6. ability to customize size/orientation of properties palette.


…and real realistic soft brush…gradient brush!!!on layer:opacity…


bevel world* (shape) on dub type:rendered:thumbsup:

edit : ou sh’t …this is work, on rendered…:buttrock:


please:bounce: … corrections on …dab type : Renederd on Digital WEt… and rest of that thing options…plug-ins…this is very good thing…(fix crash!!!)


cut this adm…:shrug:


dunno about anyone else but i think its the most annoying thing when i switch from pencil to watercolour and then i have to change the brush tracking cause nothing comes up with out extreme pressure- in short ability to set brush tracking separately for each brush :slight_smile:


HSB in color info!!


I’d really love a version that runs smoothly and utilizes win XP 64. Especially custom dabs and larger brushes would benefit from this greatly (I presume).


switch to HSB using the little triangle/arrow of the color info palette’s menu…


EDIT: But I’d just love if the damn palette remembered that I dont care for RGB values so I would not have to switch it every time I fire up PainterIX…:rolleyes:


…layer paint. but in all of brush category.
… changes of the size one hair in the brush(flat,camel,ect*,palette too:bounce: )
…Realistic drip(new brush method,RealDrip)


With the speed of Machines today why can’t they have a workable C, M, Y, K Picker. Even if it takes the values that you pick as C, M, Y, K and converts them to R,G,B…It is just slightly flustering sometime when you are looking for a particular color.

The fix that I have is to you Illustrator CS and pick my C, M, Y, K color then convert it to
R, G, B. It gets it pretty close. So when you are ready to print I am happy with the results.

But it would be nice if i didn’t have to do that manually.


I still think CTRL+SHIFT+Z should be another alias for “redo” rather than auto-clone. It’s the standard “redo” key sequence in almost every other program I use, and I find it very frustrating when I end up with an auto-clone thing happening when I do it by mistake, especially since I don’t remember how to cancel it (ESC, spacebar, and enter don’t do the trick) (EDIT: you’re supposed to click on the image). Then when it stops, I’m still screwed because, although I can undo that, now it’s impossible to redo what I wanted (since redo would now redo the auto-clone).

Yes, this is a case of user error and I’m supposed to hit CTRL+Y, but the error is caused by a “candy-machine interface” issue. In the book “Writing Solid Code”, Steve Maguire talks about a candy machine at Microsoft (go figure) where you punched in numbers rather than letters to identify the product you wanted. What some people would sometimes do by mistake is put in, say, 25 cents, then punch ‘2’ and ‘5’ on the keypad because they haven’t purged the price from their mind, and they end up with the wrong product. If instead the keypad had used letters, they would see that they could not enter ‘25’, realize their error, and punch in the correct sequence. The problem with the machine is that the interface does little to prevent a mistake, so such a mistake will occasionally happen. Such interfaces are best avoided. In this case, it would be easy to just change the CTRL+SHIFT+Z shortcut into “redo” and use a different sequence for auto-clone, or drop the idea of a shortcut key for it altogether (does it really need one? I don’t know).

Am I the only person who finds the CTRL+SHIFT+Z issue to be problematic?

  • Kef


I’ve got two wishes:

  1. Have the “OK” and “Cancel” buttons in the correct order for Windows users. Right now, it’s reversed (like on the Mac), and I keep hitting the wrong button. It’s probably because Painter originated on the Mac and it’s ported over from the Mac, but Painter’s the only program I use that has this problem.

  2. I really appreciate Corel adding alpha channels for Targa files in IX. So, now I’d like to have .PNG support (with alpha channel, of course). Pretty please? :love:


Yes, it would be easy and you can do it yourself in:

Mac - Painter IX > Preferences > Customize Keys

Windows - Edit > Preferences > Customize Keys

… or drop the idea of a shortcut key for it altogether (does it really need one? I don’t know).

A lot of people use Ctrl/Command+Shift+Z to “auto clone” as it’s both faster than reaching for the menu command and it can sometimes work when the Effects > Esoterica > Auto Clone command won’t work.

Among many others, one of its uses is to begin the process of painting an interesting background. Another is to create a more interesting Paper. I’ve used it for both and, in addition, as part of the process to create Patterns.

Am I the only person who finds the CTRL+SHIFT+Z issue to be problematic?

  • Kef

I doubt you’re the only person, but since there’s an easy solution, it doesn’t need to even be an issue, let alone problematic.


You didn’t say that when I brought it up before… thanks though, that works. :slight_smile:

  • Kef



Well I guess you’re lucky I said it this time. :wink:

I’m not paid to answer questions like some of the experts you see here are (paid by Corel), and any time I give to help other Painter users is entirely voluntary.

And, it’s up to Painter users to read the documentation if they want to know how to use the program, then ask questions when they either don’t know how to find the answers in Help Topics or don’t understand them.

Customize Keys Preferences is explained in one of the first chapters in Painter IX Help > Help Topics:

Painter IX Help > Help Topics > Contents tab > The Basics > Setting Preferences > section named “Customize Keys Preferences”

Take time to become familiar with what Painter IX Help Topics contains and a lot of your frustrations will be eliminated. At the very least, you’ll learn what’s available for you to use.

  1. How about an option to draw lines from perspective points that are off the screen? With snapping behavior such that you could start drawing at a point on screen and the line just runs straight from wherever you start drawing away or toward the perspective point?
  2. I would love the option to make the color picker quite a bit bigger to make subtle adjustments easier.
  3. Any chance of support for photoshop adjustment layers in the photoshop files?


I have a lot of wishes/proposals, (sorry of something was already mentioned before):

  1. Hotkeys for different Brush Variants/Brush Types.
    That could improve the working speed alot when you often change brush types.

  2. Grouping of Layers could be better, I would prefer a folder-like architecture where you can create “sub” groups which can be collapsed. (Like in PS)

  3. A ruler tool to quickly measure distances in px.

  4. “Tool Tip” - like labels for the color palettes.
    So you could use the maximum space to display as many colors as possible but when moving the cursor over it you see the description.

  5. Capabitity to use the /3GB switch in 32bit OS, to allocate up to 3GB RAM to the Painter process. Or, at least, be able to use the full 2GB that Windows provides.
    Currently it seems like the Painter process cannot allocate more than ~1280MB of RAM, even if there’s a lot more available.

  6. .psd file support. Sometimes, when using a specific Layer type and save as .psd, layer type is different when the file is reopened. Alternatively, why is there no support for Corel’s own .psd file format? (Photo Paint)

  7. Zoom behaviour is strange when using the slider.
    It’s nearly impossible to change from let’s say 50% to exactly 100% by using the slider. I always get 99,somewhat %, or something right above 100%. This was working well in Painter 8, if I remember right.