Wishlist for Painter


Yeah, it’s working all over my screen. I’m using a logitech and macOS X.

That’s a good point.


a interface like photoshops, not fiddily and i hate the snap tollerenece of the windows in painter

and the painter interface feels chunky, i have photoshop CS2, and the interface in that appliaction is leaps and bounds better then painters, its like now one cares about useability, and its all about the features

in my opinion, painters interface really does destroy the experience, i just don’t know why its so chunky (you know, fat and bulky)

  • Transparency palettes background , And Auto Pop-Up. It can increase more work space . and good health for my eye.

  • I 'm Intous3 user , set [ ,] hotkey for increase and decrease brushsize As a Left Touch-script. I need Opacity hotkeys for the Right Touch-script.

  • A little Brush pressure sensitive paragraph . which i can change the pressure sensitive directly. (Property bar is a good place for it)

  • a new blending tool.

Some Anime-style need a verysoft blending , But a blend tools in Painter have a little smudge effect . Which destroy its clean-style and its colour shapes.

The blending i say is very closely to BlUr tools in PTS . but more sensitive. Like put a water to melt a Water colour.

  • Colours palette . which i can type a number of H , S , and V. Directly.

  • I use an A4 (2480 x 3508) canvas size for my cg commercial work. But i recently use an 640x800 , or other sizes for my Homepage . And sometime, B5 for my Doujinshi.

    I need a ‘Saving Canvas Size’ Ability.


  • IF possible , Screen tone for Manga creator.

    Sorry if my english seem strange.:beer:


One thing I find I use in Photoshop all the time that is not easily accomplished in Painter is turning the canvas into a layer.

If I could double-click the canvas and turn it into a layer, I’d use it all the time.

I would also like a ‘duplicate layer’ button on the layer palette.


…and plz, change this small view window in Adjust Color, because its totally useles, and for this one step, have to jump sometimes to PS. I think its not much to make such an upgrade…

  • and, Painter like to change the selection of layer to canvas, when painting on a layer doing flip horizontal and after that going undo (Ctrl+Z) it backs to canvas for no reason. It cause that u dont know, when you just painted on a canvas instead of layer you want to paint. Hope i made it clear :slight_smile:


I migrated from Painter 6 directly to Painter IX. As you may know, ctrl+shift+z is the shortcut for “redo” in most programs, including Adobe Photoshop. In Painter 6, pressing ctrl+shift+z instead of ctrl+y for “redo” did some weird auto-clone thing that took a little time and I didn’t know how to cancel it. As you can imagine, I hit ctrl+shift+z by mistake a fair amount of the time and was always frustrated when this happened. I was relieved to see this no longer happened in Painter IX… and apparently they put this feature back in with Painter IX.5. Argh! I suppose they ought to keep the feature if they want it, but for God’s sake, don’t assign ctrl+shift+z to it!

Painter IX.5 seems to crash whenever I do something, too. I’m strongly considering uninstalling and reinstalling without the patch.

  • Kef


Ctrl/Command+Shift+Z works in Painter 5, 6, 7, 8, and IX. It just doesn’t work with all brush variants which may be why you thought it wasn’t available in a pre-Painter IX version.

To stop the Auto-cloning effect, click in the image.

To Redo after using Undo, use Ctrl/Command+Y.


Yeah, I suspected it had been in Painter IX but just not with the brushes I happened to be using at the time. I suppose I should have thought about that before I posted. Still, I hate that problem.

Yes, I’m perfectly aware that the proper key sequence is ctrl+y. The problem is that ctrl+y is not what my fingers instinctively type, since almost everything else uses ctrl+shift+z. It’s not really that ctrl+shift+z does the wrong operation so much as it does something that is inconvenient for it to happen accidentally (especially when you don’t know what’s going on and how to stop it). Having a common key sequence like that do something “bad” is not good design. Thanks for the “click on the image” tip, though.

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I’ve been using Painter IX (IX.5 recently) to ink pencil sketches, and I’ve run into some problems with the way “align to path” works. I love being able to create straight edges and curves on the fly, but the entire process is a little clunky. I don’t like having to stroke a shape in order to see it while working on a different layer; in fact, I don’t like having shapes as their own layers at all. I wish I could make multiple shapes (paths) on my inking layer, and then select each path individually as I go over it with a stroke. Also, I played around with the tolerance settings a little, and as far as I can tell all that does is to determine how far your cursor can stray away from the path. I had hoped to be able to tweak exactly how closely my stroke would align to a path. I still prefer inking on a path over using the straight line tool, but only because I can control the thickness/opacity with pressure. I would like a way of following a path in sort of an organic way, without having to eyeball it and Ctrl+Z a hundred times before I get a decent line out of it.


painter is great!

the next version needs to focus less on paint tools…which ROCK

and more on compostion tools


the perspective tool

I like it…but I would LOVE it if

  1. I could have more than two planes…and the ability to control the spacing individually of them all…
  2. multiple vanishing points
  3. option for diagonals and or ellipses on the perspective grid
  4. option to snap to perspective grid
  5. stroke perspective grid to layer
  6. stroke perspective grid to shape


For the love of Jebus…! WHY o why don’t the just add transparency support for animations, pleeeaaase!



I wonder why corel doesn’t seem to want to make changes to painter that any of us suggest. Like keyboard short cuts to toggle favorite brushes one has. I would also like to see a prisma color pencil varient.


I have another simplified feature for painter that would make photoshop obselete. How about a multi- painting session-over-ip , very similar to opencanvas’s network feature where up to 4 artists could paint on the same canvas at once.


Fractal Design, Metacreations, and Corel, all three of Painter’s owners have listened to us and incorporated features and improvements in each version, based on our requests.

They can only include what development time allows and what enough Painter users want, in order to make that development time well spent. If only a handful users, relative to the entire Painter user base, ask for something that’s not critical, it’s not likely to be on the high priority list, I would think.

Through several Painter versions, at least back to Painter 4.0, possibly earlier, and through Painter 7, a feature called Net Painter was included. Using Net Painter, we could connect to a pre-determined participant’s IP number and do online collaborative painting sessions.

All on the same Canvas, taking turns painting. 

In the Objects palette’s Net Painter section, we could see who was logged in and know when it was time for the painting session to begin. There were three lights that went on and off, yellow for participants waiting to have their turn, green when it was their turn to paint, and red when they stopped painting and turned Canvas access over to the next participant. There was even a small chat window so we could agree on the theme, ask questions, make comments, decide when to save the painting, and decide when to end the painting session. When we agreed to save the image, it was automatically saved to a special folder on each participant’s hard drive.

I live in California and for several months one year, I met in online collaborative painting sessions with high school students in Ohio a couple of times a week. We usually painted for an hour or so with three to five students participating though there could have been more if we’d had more time for everyone to take a few turns painting. Their instructor and I painted after school closed sometimes and had a marvelous time.

The down side was that getting connected was sometimes a problem and staying connected was also sometimes tricky.

When the connection worked, it was great and everyone had a good time. The students loved it and so did I.

I had a whole multi page section on my PixelAlley site dedicated to Net Painter where, with student’s, parent’s, and instructor’s permission, I displayed the work we did during our online painting sessions. When we stopped our online painting sessions, I took down that section and only have a couple of pages left that explain Net Painter:

[b][Net Painter Palette Layout - Example - Saving a Custom Palette Arrangement](http://www.pixelalley.com/netpainter/netpainter-screenshot.html)[/b]

[b][Net Painter Session - Setup, Connect, and Requirements](http://www.pixelalley.com/netpainter/setupconnectrqmts.html)[/b]

Unfortunately, [b]Net Painter[/b] didn't draw enough interest from the Painter user base so with Painter 8 it was dropped. 

I have a lot of fond memories of those times we painted together across the miles. It was amazing at the time, to watch brushstrokes appear on my screen that were painted by someone thousands of miles away. You’ll notice those Net Painter pages at PixelAlley are dated September, 2000 and that was after we’d been using Net Painter for a while. Painter 4.0, the oldest version I own was released in 1995, so Net Painter is at least that old and maybe older.

Guess I should add links to those pages in the PixelAlley [b]Painter's History[/b] section now. ;)


Here’s an idea for them: keep downloads of previous Painter versions where people can find them. I uninstalled IX.5 today because it just won’t stop crashing, even after reinstallation, and I can’t find a place to download 9.0 or 9.1.

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Here is 9.1. Don’t know about 9.0, I just got painter :slight_smile:



No, that’s a patch. That would only work if you already had 9.0 installed.


Agreed! I allways thought that should be intergrated with painter. I would love to make short cuts for custom brushes


I have a problem with my rif files. Every time I open them all of may layers are open, even though some should be hidden. Is this a general bug?



I’m guessing it’s either that or a misfeature.