Wishlist for Painter


Brush controls (Ctrl+Shift+B) have the types a brush can be applied:
Cover, drip, buildup, plugin etc…


Philippec, that’s good to know. Thanks.

evanfotis, thanks, I didn’t realize that and it’s useful.

In my original post, though, I was thinking of blending modes: lighten, darken, multiply, screen, etc., which can be applied to a brush in Photoshop, but only to an entire layer in Painter. In particular, it would be helpful to be able to use lighten or darken when working with a brush or gradient, and then switch to another mode or normal without having to create new layers for each mode.


Painter brushes are made to simulate as much as possible natural media, and as such there are no lighten, difference, hard mix etc modes in brushes.
Using layer modes you can get your result.
Do not forget, Painter is for painting, and most people who paint digitally instead of traditionally, hardly ever use fancy modes or even layers…Thy just choose the right brush with colour, opacity etc, and get the result by painting over.
If you really need the blending modes in brushes, use Photoshop for more photographic effects like retouching etc. which offers a wider range in that area.


That may be true for you and your friends and associates but it certainly is not true for most Painter users who paint. They very often use Layers, multiple Layers, and other Painter features to complete a painting.

Traditional artists do the same, layering paint. It’s just easier in Painter, and often safer, to paint some parts of a painting on Layers, or even the entire painting on Layers. That allows for changes without damaging other parts of the painting.

There’s nothing at all wrong with doing an entire painting on the Painter Canvas but it’s certainly not necessary and often makes it more difficult than it needs to be. Using Painter is creating digital art, not traditional art and there’s no need to deny oneself the benefits working digitally can provide.


Please, do not misunderstand what I said. I agree I might have exaggerated a bit, but was just to emphasize my point.
Personally, I love layers,and from the very begining used them to separate characters, features, backgrounds etc.
I was actually frustrated at the time by the akward implementation of them by Painter comparing to PS and other apps. Not any more, except for the limited expansion of the layer pallete…



I didn’t misunderstand what you said. If you meant something else, it might have been helpful to say so, or at least to say you were exaggerating to make some kind of point.

Thanks for explaining what you did mean. I understand that as well.


It would be very helpful if u could drag the layer panel down as far as u wanted. Instead of having to use the scroll bar.



When u make a new pallete with ur selected brushes…once the icons are dragged onto the blank small cascaded window u cannt relocate the icons or change anything in the pallete…dunno very strange thing is when u resize the window to fit ina corner still the icons do not re adjust to accomodate in the resized window…
a very simple change is much needed in this pallete menu…

right now u have to go creating the palette over again to match ur needs.

Paniter ROCKS !!


I don’t know if this has been posted earlier since I didn’t go trough the whole thread, but,…
It would be nice to have another display option for the brushes. I mean having an image of an actual brush compared to the digital one.
That option would be extremely helpfull for artists who have traditional backgrounds.


You’re right that the icons don’t reposition themselves when you resize a Custom Palette.

It’s not true, however, that we can’t rearrange the icons ourselves. We definitely can.

To learn how to create and use Custom Palettes, read the following:

Painter IX Help > Help Topics > Contents tab > A Workspace Tour

On the right panel, click the link named “Custom Palettes” and read the page that displays next.


If you mean brush category icons, you can solve that yourself by creating an image to use as the brush category icon, then creating a custom brush category and copying the appropriate brush variants into that custom brush category.

To learn how to do this, read the following:

To learn how to create and use Custom Palettes, read the following:

Painter IX Help > Help Topics > Contents tab > Customizing Brushes

On the right panel, click the link named “Managing Custom Brushes”.

On the next page, read the following sections:

“Creating a New Brush Category”

“Copying Variants Between Brush Categories”

If you mean custom icons for each brush variant, create a custom brush category with an appropriate brush category icon for each brush variant, then copy those brush variants into the appropriate brush categories.

  1. Well one thing that I miss from both Painter and photoshop is the ability to zoom in/out with the mouse wheel the way you can in Corel Draw. It’s so easy, fast and efficient.

  2. Already mentioned but i’ll say it too: add more customizablitity to the menus. Something like corel draw where you can basically customize all your tool bars and menus fully.


Some other things I found:

-I’d like an option to deactivate mouse wheel zoom, at least when the cursor is not in the image.

-Also a bug when you do a comp with multiple layers and you resize the canvas/work area. When you try to paint again on a layer, you are limited by the old area. The only thing you can do is to duplicate the layer and throw the old one.

-I think this is a bug in OS X only: I start painter, then I go to another app. I come back to Painter then all palettes and toolbar are hidden (it reapear with TAB key of course).

-the painter’s clipboard doesn’t seem to handle transparency

-A suggestion for custom palettes: ok you can add menu items but it shows like buttons in the palette. I’d like to have them in the custom palette’s menu instead of buttons.

-I’d like something to reorder colors easily in the colors palette. For example shift+click on a color and drag it where you want.


So you mean you actually CAN zoom in/out with the mouse wheel? It only works for me if i have the cursor over the zoom slider at the bottom.


I’d like the lasso tool to work accurately with small selections, like the tool in Photoshop and Painter 6. Painter 9 lasso breaks down and can’t repeat the selection being drawn.


some ideas by me: (im not sure if they have been postet before…)

1: A simple Brush like in PS… with alpha between 0 and 100 but 50 is exact halv as transparent as 100. It allthough should only paint once a klick. Means: if u have a brush with alpha 50 and draw a Circle without lifting the pen, everywhere in the circle is the same color, even if parts has been paintet twice or so… hope this is understandable, cause I´m German.

2: I sugest to better Layer-droping its really necessary…

3: Creating own shapes for Brushes Like in PS…

so, i hope that u guys make Painter perfect!


  • a “dabs” library which would perhaps get more usage than nozzles, etc.

  • rightclick option to show size/diameter SLIDER akin to PS (to me this is perhaps the single best improvement i can imagine)

  • rightclick SLIDER to rotate canvas.

  • for whatever reason, i have set my wacom secondary button to be “undo” yet it very often just doesnt work and instead seems to want to paint at that point. perhaps user error but if not, i’d like to see the issue resolved :smiley:

  • ability to change icons on custom palette brushes, perhaps reflecting the dabs as shown in the trackers rather than the generic group/media type icon


I don’t use PS, but isn’t this the same as a Captured Dab? Just paint the shape you want on the canvas, select it and choose “Capture Dab” in the Brush Selector’s flyout menu. Presto! Your own unique shape!


Can someone please answer my question? I’m curious about it becuase i’ts a feature i’d really like. I’m using the evolent verticle mouse so maybe that is why it doesn’t work for me. Unfortunetly I don’t have another mouse right now to try it with.