Wishlist for Painter


Bless you Jin.

I’ve been using Painter since '95 and it had never occured to me to do that.
How utterly stupid.

You’ve NO idea how happy I am, and how much time you’ve just saved me.

Thank you very much.



Bless you too!.. for letting me know I’ve made you happy.

Funny… I just checked in Painter 5 and, though the keyboard shortcut for Collapse, seems not to be documented, it works the same as in Painter IX!

Haven’t checked Painter 6, 7, and 8, but I’d guess there’s a shortcut for Collapse there too.

Back when I was using Painter 5 as the then current version, it didn’t occur to me to even look for that keyboard shortcut.

Now I’m much more in favor of using keyboard shortcuts than I was back then. They take a while to learn but they save so much time.

In case you don’t already know, the keyboard shortcut for Ungroup is Ctrl/Command+U.


In Painter 7 Ctl+Shift+X will also collapse a group.



Big thanks for that information. I allways switched to ps and back to do this merge down all the time.

Bless you!

I tested the short cuts on painter 6 and they worked fine.



I wish they would make patches for painter 7 also. All I ask is that i can see my cursor when i paint in stead of that triangle and better water color and no need to dry it and the ability to duplicate my canvas layer like in photoshop.


Edit: Link to Corel’s FTP server has been corrected. Jin, September 1, 2005


There is one patch for Painter 7, the Painter 7.1 Update, available to download at…


…and I doubt very much if any more patches will be released for Painter 7 since it’s not the current version… in fact, it’s two versions back now.

To duplicate the Canvas, use Ctrl/Command+A to select the entire Canvas, then hold down the Alt/Option key and click inside the selection with the Layer Adjuster tool.

 Why do you need to dry the Water Color Layer? (Just curious.)

To paint on the Water Color Layer using dry brush variants (non-Water Color variants), it does need to be converted to a Default Layer or dropped to the Canvas (if that’s what you mean).


The link does not work.:shrug:
Sometimes I use the water color for flatting of flat coloring my image. I usually paint on that layer also yo have to dry the layer before color selecting the color buy using alt.

Woohoo! thanks for that dulpicate canvas tutorial.

I reall want to see my cursor when I paint badly.

And I wish painter 9 could work on older operating systems. I don’t feel like installing windows xp right now. lol.

Thanks Jin.

Here is the ftp site with all of the painter patches ftp://ftp.corel.com/pub/Painter/


That’s odd. I just tried it. With the Brush tool selected, I held down the Alt key and clicked on the Water Color Layer to select a different color from the one I last used and it worked.

I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that I installed the Painter 7 Update (patch) long ago?

Woohoo! thanks for that dulpicate canvas tutorial.

You’re most welcome! There are other ways to do it, but that’s the easiest, or the one I use most, and it’s one of the ways that ensures the Layer will be directly aligned with the Canvas, or directly above its original position.

I reall want to see my cursor when I paint badly.

I think you must mean that you want to see the Brush Ghost while you’re painting as you already see whichever one of several cursor options you selected in Edit > Preferences > General. Those options are, Triangle cursor (a choice of several angles and several colors) and Single Pixel cursor.

And I wish painter 9 could work on older operating systems. I don’t feel like installing windows xp right now. lol.

That problem is only going to get worse. It’s hard to keep up with everything isn’t it? I’m falling behind too. It’s just way too expensive!

Thanks Jin.

Here is the ftp site with all of the painter patches ftp://ftp.corel.com/pub/Painter/

Thanks, I’ve corrected the URL in my post above. Sorry, I made the mistake of typing 7.1 instead of 7 at the end of the original URL. Too many version numbers to remember!


Hmm fixing the brush opacity control would be great =)


A bit belated, but anyway…
I love the way Painter paints, applys dads etc, BUT:

Has anyone worked with scripts?
This feature has remained unchanged since version 4…
Although a great idea, please make it more usable:
When tying torecord a session and output it to a movie file, like the procces of a drawing:
>Easier editing of the script.
>when open script, the ability to show/highlight the strokes in the menu, to be able to find them.
> More output options about frames per second etc
> More stable and predictable results, when creating a movie

As mentioned, make those menus resizable to any size!!!
Again make those previews on the canvas, not in the window.
The same goes with tranformations… Painter is supposed to aim at the Visual artist… How the heck to transform blindly?

I totally agree with the removal of that tastleless startup logo …
I agree with Drevious:


My own two cents in case there’ll be another Painter patch (and if not it can go in Painter X): being able to use the magic wand on alpha channels, like you can do in Photoshop (reportedly – I don’t use Photoshop myself). If I try to do this the magic wand selects whatever’s on the current layer, not the channel. I haven’t found an equivalent way of doing this. This would make it possible to store multiple selections in one channel… after all each channel gets 256 colors of resolution and it’s a huge waste (and mess) to set up thirty-two different channels for thirty-two selections when you can fit eight times that in a single channel.

Forgive me if there’s a way to do this already, but I really don’t see one, other than using a layer instead… which isn’t so bad anyway, but it’d be nice to be able to get the same use out of channels. That way your selection channel won’t get in the way of your actual artwork.

  • Kef


I wish they could have a Path pallete that would allow for you to store paths

I wish painter could work on the sizing issue when I cut and paste paths from other programs to Painter Im always finding myself having to scale the path up in size because it always smaller in Painter


It would be great if the following would be fixed:

-When making a palette with “Command-shortcuts” to different Layouts in the Arrange Palettes. (for me it always ends up as “Default” no matter which pre-saved Layout i choose)

btw, i use version 9.1!



Hey, I’m really new to painter.
So this what I noticed.

  1. I’ll second the merging layer thing: just select 2 or more layers, then use the collapse fonction in the layer menu.

  2. I’ll also second previewing effects, this is ridiculous. Try changing color curves and you are in blind mode.

  3. better layout redraw

  4. not so important but modernize a bit the gui (old icons, cursors)

  5. permit layers in animation mode

  6. far more picture formats (at least png)

that’s all for now


Let me make a solid contribution for once here :wink:

What I still would like to see in painter is:

  • Shortcut keys to change a color’s hue, saturation and value seperately (so 6 shortcuts). This would eliminate the use of the color picker (which is FAR too small imo) and would save a lot of time if I’m working in full screen.

  • Window transparency. Windows in the UI should have an option to make them transparent so you can still see your artwork no matter how many windows you have opened.

  • Or an UI upgrade that would include a minimized version of the UI, which would fit as much into eachother as possible, with as little borders and space inside windows as possible.

  • Better and easier way to save your favorite sets of brushes/tools in seperate windows. Right now, when I drag an icon onto that window in an incorrect place (like a row too low, which makes the window larger) I’m not able to just pick the icon up again and drag it to another place. This is very weird and unfinished imo.

  • As additional option to the previous thing, it wouldn’t hurt to have the choice to store color and other settings together with a selection of brushes. Just so you could prepare a set of tools before starting on a project.

  • French Curves! I want french curves in Painter…I still have trouble creating accurate large curves with my wacom tablet. I’m thinking of a tool that would allow me to turn 3 French Curvers around on screen and select whatever part I need, either as line art or as a guide for future hand drawn work.


I have to agree on the modernizing the UI, but like I said, I don’t mind the same look, but just more optimized space, like having icons at half the size…sort of compressed look.

Or how about giving people freedom to make their own UI like in 3ds max ? That would give people the freedom to do whatever they like themselves.

Sorry if I’m repeating myself a bit :wink:


Transparent menus would slow down your machine,apart for making it confusing to see…

As for draging brushes to custom menus and rearanging, hold SHIFT to move them in desired position.


In modern operating systems, this transparency is handled on the video card so you probably would not see a slowdown. Plus it would be pretty cool. I don’t think it would be confusing, but there should be a slider to set the palette’s transparency…


Painter wish list

“Use all layers” option for magic wand

Ability to switch between tools (like brush and eraser) with a key command (or switch between previous and current tool at least)

Better control of where the beginning and end of a gradation is applied within a selection

Better image browser, since iView doesn’t seem inclined to support RIFF files

Blending modes for brushes and gradations, not just layers.


You can do this in Painter Essentials 3, since there is a new “Eraser” tool in the toolbox. The (configurable) keyboard shortcut is “n” for the Eraser, “b” (as always) for the brush.

Presumably, you will be able to do this in future versions of Painter as well.