Wishlist for Painter



I´ve seen this topic pop up every once in a while but so far I haven´t found an answer to it. Can you change your brushes (or whatever you have…) on your Custom Palette via keyboard shortcuts? In my workflow I find this really helpful if you can, like in PS - Brush and Eraser. Those basically are the ones that would help alot but of course full control over your Custom Palette would be perfect. Please tell me weather or not this is possible!

And what Ceenda said about resizing the brush with Ctrl-Alt is totally true, you shouldn´t need to activate your brush with a tap after resizing. Don´t like that.

´nuff said. Thankxss.


I would love to be able to save a Targa file with an alpha channel or mask in Painter. I use Painter to create texture maps for 3D models, and currently I have to open the file in Photoshop and create my alphas there. I use Animation:Master, for which Targas are the preferred file format.

Also, how about being able to convert a file to grayscale from within Painter? That would help with bump maps, etc. I realize you can get the same effect by desaturating the image, but it’s still RGB, which results in a larger file size. Right now, I use Photoshop to convert to grayscale.

Finally, would it be possible to have the OK and Cancel buttons in the Windows version be in the right order for Windows? Currently, it’s reversed, and I keep clicking Cancel instead of OK…



This is EXACTLY what I’ve been waiting for !! :wink:

I need some prismacolor like design markers out-of-the-box, that build up the way digital watercolor do…like drying up your work and build up a new layer with the same % of cool grey (for instance).

Also the small brush sizes really is a big problem for me…


I’m enjoying Painter IX and think (maybe) that it’s better than the demo version but that could just be me being a bit dim.

I quite liked the magic wand in version 7. You could make a selection and then adjust the tolerance or whether it was contiguous and the selection would update automatically. It seems that in version IX, you have to reselect with the wand, which just takes more time.



Although some of these would be more for a NEW version of painter, here goes…

  • save brush library as…

  • copy variant to…(browse)
    This one has been bugging me when I want to work quickly.

  • default brush category icons (for speed), as well as the default “capture brush category”

  • to be able to layout brush category lists side by side across the top (optional)

  • to be able to put the brushes pallete on the left of the property bar, not always on the right as it currently is.

  • make the “new layer” buttons a little wider/bigger OR a space between them.

  • customizable toolbox (the paper/gradient/nozzle selector area)


  • Choose which plug-ins load at startup…for me, I prefer none! it just wastes valuable CPU.

  • Save Paper variant (when altering an existing paper)

  • Have the papers linked to certain brushes (just to have that choice)


I would love to see my image while im distortioning it… or scaling it :slight_smile: Right now i only see it before and after the distortion, but not in the middle process…


I would love to have my stroke on my align to path option to stay on the path instead of jumping when im tracing a path around a tight turn.

Also to sound like a broken record I would like to see Painter 6,7,8 digital airbrush quality on version nine

I would love see Painter 9 support paths from diferent files such as PSD files instead of copying and pasting from one application to another.


The patch is out! Dual monitor support! Thanks digitalShade for the heads up!



ar…i’m noobie of Painter. sorry for my poor English. my Gramma maybe wrong.

  1. I think it’s good if Corel IX have Cells-Export function (Extract Layers to mono pictures)
    Which can Export 1 Group—> 1 Picture


                      Picture have 6 Groups , 1 Group have 5 layers .

Export Cells -----> got 6 Pictures, 1 picture have 5 layers.

2), I’m Student of Animation club (as you know as ’ Otaku Circle’) - based on Jap Style , as you know nowaday almost of it need Digital painting instead of real Acylic.

But still need Real paper, and real G-pen for creat the line . we spend very - hard - money for a 6,000 papers. And a Lightbox burn my Eye. I try to setting Scratchboard pen , but it’s still something different from real G-pen.

I think we need G-pen tool.

  1. Screen tone : I think Corel Painter IX Was the Most-Huge-Large Software ever i seen before. But it’s very sad for me that it can’t support my works . Manga need Screen tone. ( I mean screen tone which can freely fill like you fill a colour by a brush, not Mask)

  2. New canvas —> Choose A4 , B5 , etc.

However I’m a kid who just finished Senior Highschool. you may not earnest my reply.

I think it’s maybe your Goal in Jap. if your Software support Comic & Animation.

thank you for reading my lame english.


I guess their isn’t a chance for me to get dual monitor support w/ version 8?


I would be delighted to see that the digital watercolor tools acted the same both on the canvas and in the layers.

An example: I have a document with the canvas and a layer. I paint a pool of black on both surfaces with the New Simple Water tool. I now brush very softly (using a Wacom tablet) with the same tool on both the pool of paint on the canvas and the one in the layer. The result is that on the canvas nothing appears to happen but in the layer the new brushstroke is lightgray.

Perhaps there is some use for this that I don’t understand.

Keep up the good work!



For the Digital Watercolor’s New Simple Water variant, in its default state, Opacity Expression is controlled by Pressure.

I just tested what you described and on the Layer, when I only applied light pressure and painted from the center of the black “pool” outward, the brushstroke was grey from beginning to end. On the Canvas, the brushstroke was black at the center of the black “pool” and only became grey as I applied light pressure and the brushstroke continued out onto the white Canvas.

Try it again but this time:

[li]First restore the brush variant to its default state.[/li][li]Then when you paint on the Layer, apply enough pressure to make the brushstroke black.[/li][/ul]


Jinbrown, thank you for answering.

I now understand why the paint and tool behaves the way it does in the layer, but I still do not like it. Is there any way to adjust the tools so that they behave in the same way that they appear to behave on the canvas, and still preserv the layer’s unused areas transparent?

I have worked a great deal with another version of painter, painter classic, and it is from this I have my understanding and experience of painter. From the first moment, what I liked about painter was its strive to imitate traditional artmaterials (since thats where I have my background as an artist). Gaining access to a more advanced version of painter was someting I looked forward to when I bought IX but I haven’t been abel to find that which I liked most about “classic”. Making a color lighter by appling it more gently just have no resemblance to traditional art materials.

If you, or anybody else for that matter, could help me with this I would be most greatful.



This discussion should really be moved to its own thread since this thread is meant to be used as a “Wishlist for upcoming Painter IX patch”.

If you want to discuss this further, please begin a new thread and include enough information so we won’t have to go back and forth between that thread and this one to understand what’s going on.

Also, include:

[li]Which Painter Classic version you have.[/li][li]Exactly which brush categories and which brush variants you liked in Painter Classic and whether or not you used them on the Canvas, on a Layer, or both.[/li][/ul]
(If you had the use of Layers, you must have been using procreate Painter Classic 2 since Layers were not available in Metacreations Painter Classic 1.)

If you were actually using the newer “lite” Painter version, Painter Essentials, I won’t be able to help much since I don’t have that version.


Jinbrown you are absolutly right, I’m sorry for making this knot on the thread.

It initially was meant as part of the whishlist; I would really like to see that tools acted the same, or could be choosen to act the same, both on canvas and in layers in the next version of painter.

I wasn’t thinking about the possibility to actually solve the problem within painter IX. You have opened my eyes to this possibility and I will take yuor advice and start a new tread coserning the canvas/layer problem.



Yes, I agree, that this is a big loss in this program. I think that you’ll just have to get photoshop too if you want to play with those brushes. I don’t think I’m never going to buy updates for painter anymore. I thik that this version has all that they have to offer. Ofcourse you could send a message to painter developers, about this opacity issue, incase they haven’t relized it.


change that FUGLY retarded logo/icon. that retarded hand with nine fingers. jeeezus!


agrees with k-man

As a (soon to be) grafical designer, I can’t help but wince when I see that horrible excuse for a logo. If I turned something like this in at school, my teacher would probably ban me for life shudders


I’ve only one wish…


That’s it.

Currently you have to merge to the canvas. Not useful at all.



   You're not alone in asking for Photoshop's Merge Down command to be included in Painter.
   In the meantime, you're not limited to "merge to the canvas" in Painter IX or earlier versions.
   In Painter IX (keyboard shortcuts may be different in earlier versions):

[li]In the Layers list, hold down the Shift key and highlight the Layers you want to “merge”.[/li][li]Use Ctrl/Command+G to Group the highlighted Layers.[/li][li]Use Ctrl/Command+Shift+X to Collapse the Group make it a single Layer.[/li][/ul]If you add these two commands to a Custom Palette as menu command buttons then highlight the Layers, it’ll take one click on each icon to make them a single Layer.