Wishlist for Painter


Jinny, lol. Could u tell me, for what i need a knowledge of moving objects around? I didnt ask for moving around…

eh… no comments. Corel will know what s about


Hi Drevious,

I’m pretty experienced with Painter and deciphering users’ questions, after a decade of using Painter and answering questions so I’m a bit confused, but do apologize for my misunderstanding of what you wanted.

I was responding to what you asked for In your previous post:

Since we have a keyboard shortcut to move objects around, even though it’s not the Shift key alone, it seemed logical to tell you what the keyboard shortcut is.

If that's not what you were asking for, I guess your request wasn't stated clearly or I'm just not getting it. 
then, after I responded...

Again, if my response to this request didn’t address what you were asking for, I guess the request wasn’t stated clearly enough. Let’s hope Corel can understand what you meant better than I did. :wink:

Good luck!


no words, only artworks.

of course they will know, im sure they are not theoreticians and have at least basic knowledge about some of those options included in photoshop for years.

…to Corel


this would be also cool:

  • something similar to photoshop actions, and to be able to asaign each other to hotkey



I really wish someone at Corel would rewrite the routine that shows brush outlines/radii - it’s awfully slow at large sizes compared to the equivalent in Photoshop.




Bring back Painter 3d features. It doesn’t need to be Painter 3D, just the use of simple projection modes and 3D viewing for now, then in the next version bring the 3d feature set up to date with UV editing.


I would like to be able to resize palettes, especially the layers one. I can do it a bit but it seems it’s bocked to 320pixels in height, it’s annoying, they look restricted in size.


I wish painter could have an “anti-aliasing” function like Open Canvas
in photoshop, when the zoomed size is 100%, 50% , 25%,
it provide an anti-aliased image view for a smooth, clear image. however, for speed reason, it doesn’t provide this function in other zoomed size.

open canvas default processes this function in any zoom size, but it really slow down the speed, so it provide a switch to trun on/off this function and a hotkey to control it.

now painter didn’t provide this function in any zoom size, and I wish painter can have this function.

thanks, Corel, Painter is really a great program, cheer up!

ps. forgive me my bad english. :slight_smile:


zooming like this can be found in painter 6 (its even better than in Photoshop-faster), and its added to the wishlist of IX


In WinXP Home SP2 using both Painter 8.1 and Painter IX, I can make the Layers palette as large as I want though the minimum size when I do a screen print of the Layers palette at minimum size and paste it into a new image that’s 72 ppi, the dimensions are 224 pixels wide x 315 pixels high.

To make the Layers palette taller and/or wider, it needs to be first separated from other docked palettes, then stretched by clicking, holding, and dragging the lower right corner of the Layers palette.


Optimize the “Camel” setting, i got a 1.2 ghz system with 650 in ram and only can use this setting till a 14 size brush, beyond this the feedback is no more in real time.


a slider for “Dirty” with artists oils, so you can blend between having fully dirty brushes and fully clean brushes. also a “Clean” button so you don’t have to pick again from the palette at the time you do want to add in a bit more of the original color.


What I really would like to have in Painter is the full preview of color manipulation effects (Effects>Tonal Control>…).
There is only a little window where I can see a 100% zoom piece and it’s impossible to zoom out the preview! It’s useless if I want to change a big part (ex: all background color tone) of the image.
Each time I have to open photoshop and then make all color changes.


This has been already added to the wishlist, but yes, it would be very cool to have option like this



A few wishes (apologies if they’ve been covered):

  1. add my voice to the ArtRage oil brush texture/grain behavior
    1a) it would be cool to be able to change the dryness of a brush with a keystroke similar to the brush size change ( [ = smaller :: ] = bigger). In other words we could dry out a brush to get a shorter stroke with more texture showing without having to choose another varient in a palette.
    1b) any advanced work that the Painter team would like to do it going further and further in achieving real art material behavior would be enthusiastically welcomed by me

  2. I’d like cmyk color sliders and a good cmyk gamut preview to avoid out-of-gamut problems (esp. reds!)

  3. I’d like to be able to show names of brushes (papers, etc.) in custom palettes, so I can name my favorite tools for my favorite tasks and workflow

  4. real world behavior brainstorming list:
    -drips – maybe we could point to an area that we want to drip and we get longer and shorter drips depending on brush size?
    -spatters that are more real looking (toothbrush splatter, paint brush splatter)
    -dribbling with changing widths of the paint line a la Jackson Pollock
    -paper tearing (just mentioning it – can’t imagine how it would be implemented!)
    -paint roller or squeegee where the paint is ‘pulled’ and maybe there’s a line of paint left at the end of the stroke?
    -surface degrading tools… different ways to chip away and destroy the surface maybe with options about how many layers get penetrated… Jim Dine would use all kinds of surface degradation on his artwork… power tools, sandpaper, who knows what else?
    -more interesting erasers to help with the previous idea – surface degradation in different styles, very controllable
    -a tool that scratches and tears the paper

Another thought… I’ve tried to bring in bigger paper textures and run into error messages (unable to create paper). I’d like to be able to bring in a photo of a wood surface, gesso it (so to speak) and have a duplicate hi res paper texture that matches the wood grain. With better surface texture brushes to work with the wood surface (or concrete sidewalk, or particle board or whatever).

If the above request is a memory issue, here’s my next request. I’d like to be able to put much more memory in my system and let Painter use it to take advantage of bigger textures. I’ve got 2.5GB now and I’d be willing to put in more to get me more resolution on my textures and so forth.


Another ‘I second that’ request or two:

  • cursor that’s easier to find on small brush sizes
  • more control over the buildup on felt pens and other buildup style brushes… it very quickly goes over the top and in some instances you can’t get the color you’ve chosen at all, not even with the first/lightest stroke. Makes (for me) many of these tools unusable.

More words on the texture issue:

I want to work at 300-450ppi at sizes up to 11 x 14 (bigger might be out of the question!), more often 6 x 8 or 7 x 10. I’d really like to be able to fake that I’m working on a real piece of paper, or on a wood panel or whatever. I’d like to be able to open up a photo of the actual material and use Photoshop to make up a good same-sized paper texture.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I just don’t think this is possible now… either to do what I just said, or, as Mdme Sadie was discussing, work with an oil brush that really drags over the surface that I’ve created.

And then I’d like to use some good surface degradation tools to work back to the surface in a way that really uses the texture to produce a great fake! I want great control over these tools and I want them to take into consideration the layers that I’ve laid over the surface.

Does this make sense to anyone else?


Memory management and an appli free of bugs fgs.


to be able to interactively rotate a paper texture.



A couple more wishes:

• the ability to resize custom palettes as narrow as 2 icons
• the ability to group custom palettes together under tabs, like so:

the tabs across a custom palette might look like this…

oil | line | opaque …and

erase | blend …and

textured | paper

If I could arrange my favorite tools like this, and see the names in the palettes (previous request) what a timesaver it would be!


I’m going to check to see if it’s possible to do this already (apologies if it is), but I’d like to be able to save the paper attributes along with the texture – have it ‘remembered’ between Painter sessions.

IOW, when I use charcoal or chaulk and I choose my paper, then set the scaling, brightness and contrast, I’d like the paper settings to be retained for my next work session. And maybe able to name specific paper settings as custom variants.