Wishlist for Painter


I think the color triangle is BRILLIANT feature. The best color picking method in my opinion. I used to think it wasn’t when I was starting out too, but you’ll appreciate it soon…

I think the MAIN problem with the color triangle is not the design, but the size of it. It’s too small. And the bigger your monitor gets/the higher resolution you use, the smaller it becomes. I have to downgrade to 1024 x 768 every time I run painter if not the color triangle would be smaller than the size of a postage stamp.

Painter seems to have shrunk the triangle from previous versions of Painter, below is a comparison between a Painter 7 on the right (still running one) and a Painter IX.5 (same size as Painter X) on the left. :curious:

If anything it should be getting BIGGER with each subsequent versions! :smiley:

I would really really LOVE if it has a much much bigger color triangle, seeing that today’s monitor’s are getting bigger, and Painter’s UIs are getting smaller and smaller. This is a BIG problem as big monitors are very common these days.


Assigning brushes to hotkeys or key for “previous brush”.


The color wheel on SAI is the best one in my opinion, I didn’t know Corel had reduced the size on current versions considering people have been asking to enlarge the wheel for ages now.


There should be an easier way to create custom brush libraries from within Painter. I miss the old Brush Mover. (I know they still have the paper mover, etc.).

The way it’s done now is too complicated. On Windows, you have to create a new brush category within an existing library. Then you have to exit Painter, find the new brush category in your Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Corel\Painter\Brushes(brush library) folder, which is hidden by default.

Then you have to make a whole new folder, and be sure to copy and paste the XML, nib, stk, jpg files in the Painter Brushes folder in the right location. Oddly enough, the jpg icon file has to be outside of your brush category folder. If you don’t get it just right, Painter crashes, or you get a blank brush library, or nothing changes.

Really, it’s too hard. We’re artists, darnit! :scream:


I’m not sure I see how the Triangle is better than a Square, Genocell. The square is like a graph where the axes are value and saturation… just as you’d have a very innaccurate graph if you tried to plot something like a supply and demand economic graph on a triangle, you end up with a very innaccurate colour pallette when it’s plotted on a triangle as well.

The issue is that as you get closer to 0% and 100% values, it becomes increasingly impossible to pick the saturation value that you want… to the point where at 99% and 1% values, 1 pixel makes the difference between 0% saturation and 100%.

Also thanks Jinny, I found the colour info pallette. Helps out a lot, though I find myself drifting towards Photoshop more and more these days for everything other than drawing the line art in Corel. I love the pencils in Corel and something so simple as allowing you to freely rotate the canvas is such a wonderful feature as well as the infinite panning you can do in Corel so that you never get trapped against the edge of a zoomed image like you do in PS.


This is my complaint about the triangle pallete also. The more different colour picking methods, the better. Particularly when colour picking is such an important aspect of painting.


A square is better because you have a larger area than a triangle.

You should use a color swatch list anyway, preferable a CMYK safe, like in traditional painting you have a limited amount of color tubes, plus with mixing and blending engine you’re already doing half the work.

Being a triangle or a square is a non issue, the size is the real issue because monitors are getting larger and cheaper with the years but the sliders and color wheels have stayed the same, which means tiny on larger monitors.


Absolutely! I miss Painter 7 color wheeland I have noticed this smaller one in Painter 8 and so; in fact I understand that Corel had their reasons to adopt a Photoshop approach to the interface but I miss Painter 7 layout as well. Am I alone in this?

I have lots of wishes for Painter XI but a developing of Painter´s animation tools would be great.

By the way, hi everyone. I´m a long time Painter list subscriber and given the fact that many of our core members (hi Jinny) appear to be actively here , I will try to participate. :slight_smile:


you are not alone. i miss the old UI too!
I thought Painter 6 was awesome. I liked having the library palettes open all the time showing their contents. I liked the UI customizations you could do, like making a pattern into the palette background image. =)
I don’t think the “Photoshop-ification” of Painter was such a good idea. It still feels like a bit of an unfinished copycat. With so many great features it’d be nice if Painter could look a bit more …well, pretty… or at least design around its feature set, and not just try to look like PS.

  • i’d love it if the custom palettes were more useful. right now they just show the brush category icon, somehow they should show more info about which tool is which.


Hi Miguel!

It’s good to see you. The poor, pitiful Painter list is virtually dead these days, sad to say.

In addition to this forum and the Conceptart.org Painter Forum, you might also want to join The PainterFactory, Corel’s new Painter community forums site.

You can post problems and bug reports (and any other Corel Painter technical problems) at The PainterFactory, in the Painter Discussions area (click the tab at the top of the page) > Corel Painter Product Discussion forum category > Got a Question? forum.

The Got a Question? forum is the best place to discuss technical questions and concerns with Corel Painter users and the Corel Painter Development Team.

If you want to make suggestions for enhancements, bug fixes, etc. to be included in the next patch/Update or the next Painter version, you can post them in the same forum category, in the Suggestion Box forum.

There are loads of other things to see and read, in other forums, in the Galleries, and in the Blogs, including some nice tutorials in Scott McKissick’s, John Derry’s, and David Gell’s Blogs.

I look forward to seeing you there, participating with a very friendly and talented group of Painter artists and, when they’re available, with people from the Corel Painter development team.



See my post to Miguel, and if you want, join The PainterFactory and post your requests in the Suggestion Box forum so the Corel Painter development team will know what you want.

The more of us who make these requests, the more likely they’ll be considered for inclusion in the next iteration of Corel Painter. No guarantee, but it’s worth trying at least.

In the meantime, there are two solutions to the brush category icon problem and not knowing which brush variant is represented in a Custom Palette.

1. The slow but sure way is to create custom brush categories with unique and easy to identify icons for each of your most used brush variants, then move copies of your brush variants into those brush categories.

2. The quick, but somewhat annoying way is to go to the Help menu and click Show Tool Tips, then hold your cursor very still over the brush category icon in your Custom Palette until the brush variant name is displayed.


Hi Jinny! I still like the private , intimate format of the List and, slept as certainly appears to be , I look forward to seeing it alive and kicking ; I will be glad to visit and participate here and in all these sites though . Painterfactory looks fine , btw. :slight_smile: Thanks for the info, you are always great.
womanonfire has a strong point on the Painter UI. I certainly don´t like Corel “Photoshop-ification” -the term fits well- of Painter but it´s their commercial choice and as long they keep Painter alive I can live with it. The chance of chose amongst something like Painter 7 layout (the best in my opinion ) and the “new” Photoshop ersatz -only in the surface, true- would be a dream. Too much , probably but let me dream :wink: What I mean for " I understand them", womanonfire, is that probably we long term hardcore Painter users will prefer the old layout but new Photoshop users that Corel targets perhaps tend to want only their way. Oh well, we have our beloved features behind anyway. And Corel wants to sell new licenses, I figure. But don´t touch the triangle! :slight_smile:

Just another-irrelevant- thing . It´s weird thing that now when fast Internet connections are commonplace there is no NetPainter anymore. Isn´t it?


When Painter 9 came out I sent a suggestion to Rick about the interface and how clunky and specially how large the palette borders are, I suggested that there would be a “Classic Interface Mode” which would have a Painter 6/7 layout with a horizontal toolbox and everything, even though they receive quite a lot of complaints about the modern interface they have yet to change anything about it…


Yes, that´s what I meant. But IMHO Painter 7´s interface was the top… it improved Painter 6 UI at its best.
When I bought Painter 8 and installed it I got shocked. In fact I stayed mainly using my PC Painter 7 until IX.5 came out. :frowning:


ah a “Classic Interface Mode” would be so great :slight_smile: but i bet it’s too much trouble to program 2 interfaces like that. And I do understand that they do what they must to keep the software alive.

Hey and what ever did happen to Net Painter… ah those were the days! ;D
thx for the tips Jinbrown!


hi plese help
I want to learn how to blend and reduce the variations of colors. (ie: skin tone, shadows (soft)
I am here in Saudi arabia. I work on Corel painter program. No one can give me the correct technique for this.
the book is not available here in the kingdom and once I buy it from internet, they will have to check it and remove some part of the book that is not allowed for us to see. :cry:


this isn’t the best topic that you should post to ask help ( please don’t take it as rude)

go to effect> tonal control>correct colors or crtl + shift + K
( it works as photoshop curves )

select master to adjust the brightness levels of all picture
select curve is the way to work with

bottom left of the square is the darkest colors / top right is the brightest

when you click and drag a part of the line to up or down it will increase or decrese the amoung of dark or light ( like light exposition in photos).

when you decrease some shadows and lights values you can have a picture with less contrast.


Not sure if this has been mentioned before (or if it is available in Painter X), but

We can type color values, in either RGB or HSV in the Color Info palette. The default display is RGB. To switch from RGB to HSV, go to the Color Info palette menu and choose Display as HSV.

The option to have the Color Info displayed as HSV by default would be great.
I very often pick or change values when working in grayscale by using the V-slider.
This basically means I have to change it from RGB to HSV every time I open Painter IX.5

I never think in RGB terms anyway…


My work “Purple Recollection”


i have now painter x

and i would like to make better some basic things wich make working easyer

first of all

  • selection tool (point to point etc…)

  • layer channels (add burn etc…) to make more easyl of use bij scrolling with mouse when you click on it (paintshop and photoshop both hase these… photopaint need it to…)

  • at layers it would be easyer to flat image with just right mouse clik on it or add new layer
    photoshop does not support this but paintshop do much easy working