Wishlist for Painter


Hope this thread gonna help to make Painter even better software then it is now. I like this software much more then Photoshop, but there is a couple of things that can stop users (not only me) from jumping for just a moment to PS to make some little modifications.
Painter could be self-sufficient in the future for those, whose using this two softwares simultaneously.

My wishlist for this moment:

  • Fix a airbrush problem which was discussed in other thread (Rick knows)
  • Add the flow option for brushes like in PS, and maybe it softness . It gives SO MUCH possibilities in doing digital art, including matte paintings
  • Adjust Color tool to be previable in whole image. This small preview window doesnt make job well
  • More possibilities of modificating dabs shapes. There is only six of them (main). In PS there is 100% of hardness, it works great. You could combine those two variants to be unique in Painter.
  • Add as optional the Color Picker and zooming style as it was in Painter 6. Picker was bigger then its now, but taken the same place in whole layout
  • Gradient editing/making is still much more flexible in Photoshop then in Painter. Specially circular. Its very often used tool when composing in PS.
  • Pure Water Brush (Digital Watercolors) works a little as a build up brush. In Painter 6 it worked as Just Add Water, but i dont know is this modification wasnt intentional.

Corel, thanks in advance, and i will have an eye on this thread and keep thinking about new ideas.



Can you be more specific about this? When I tested the Painter IX New Simple Water and Pure Water Brush variants, then the Simple Water and Pure Water Brush variants they seemed to work pretty much the same as the Painter 6.1 Simple Water and Pure Water Brush variants.

Are you using another brush variant combination, and if so, which ones are you using with the Painter IX Pure Water Brush variant?



i would like to have some more options for cursor display. as in if the brush is below a certian size for it to use an alternative cursor, like a cross or something.

i’d also like to see the felt pens eased off a bit in their buildup speed, i find most of the time if i ever use them i’ve having to use very very faint colors for them to work or be useable.

i would also like to see some form of delaying dryout/buildup of certain brushes. i.e. lets take felt pens as an example. normally with designer markers if you do a fairly fast side to side stroke to fill in an area it will result in a pretty flat area, because the solvent helps diffuse the buildup some and stops more ink coming onto the paper from the nib. if you are slower you end up with more streaks/more buildup going on. it would be nice to have some way of emulating this… paper -ink/pigment/water saturation value. i.e. the paper can’t accept any more ink till what’s in there has dried.


almost forget:

  • add the Adjust Color tool to the Dynamic Plugins in Layers window, so it could be as a new layer and afterwards be modificable.


-Ghost brush stays visible when painting
-Merging layers like in Photoshop (merge linked, visible etc)
-hotkeys for (customized) brushvariant
-‘make a Rembrandt’ button :slight_smile:


Oh great one with this merging layers and ghost brush.
I have got hotkeyed “group” and “colapse” for fast merging layers, but doing this with one button could be nice.


more stable when using selections … very flakey at the moment.


As has been discussed here: http://www.cgtalk.com/showthread.php?t=211670

It would be so helpful if the “zoom in” and “zoom out” commands under the Window menu behaved like Photoshop´s (snapping to “round” numbers: 150, 200, etc. These values make the zoomed view much nicer). The same applies when clicking the left or right arrows from the zoom bar at the bottom of the screen

 Thanks Painter team for this beautiful program


I wish you finally make the opacity to work like in photoshop.

The above test is made with Painter IX, changing the opacity.
The one below is same with Photoshop CS.

As you can see, the opacity doesn’t work very well in painter. I hope you make this posible in next patch.


I hope those who can’t afford a tablet can make some art with painter . :stuck_out_tongue:

  • a scumble/washbrush mode for artists oils - like adding more turps to the mix, the pigment goes further, but loaded oils are less defined, more blurry and more likely to pick up other strokes already down on the canvas, also disolves impasto it goes over.

  • color pickup related to impasto ammount - even when impasto is not visible i presume it’s stored as a z-layer or greyscale layer internally, it would be fun to use the height of this layer (thus the ammount of paint there) to pick up more paint from higher areas than from lower areas (as you might expect in real life).

  • brush controls cleanup:

currently the brush controls palette is great, comprehensive, and very very long.
it would make sense to be able to have it automatically hide away greyed out elements/groups.

e.g. when you have artists oils active everything in “Spacing” (and many others) is greyed out, therefore that could all be hidden from the user. this would cut down on the length of this palette considerably as there are always greyed out elements in there, and make it much more managable.


liquid ink:

some indication of where “resist” is with liquid ink. real life resist is slightly yellow in color so it’s easy to see where you’ve put it, without a cue it makes working with liquid ink rather difficult. additionally there needs to be a “remove resist” option for working with liquid so you can quickly get rid of the resist you’ve added.


Weting paper to use with watercolors like we do in the real world…i cant get the same “feeling” on Painter watercolors as i do in real life, were i mainly use a brush to wet the paper before i apply the strokes and see the ink “flowing”


improved “dryness” or “grain” with the artists oils. currently they’re very much like oils on a wet brush on a smooth surface. but if you look at ArtRage’s brush strokes theyr’e like Oils on a Dry brush (with a higher pigment and bulk on a grainy surface), i’m unable to recreate the effect in painter, the edge breakup, crumbly falloff. it would be nice to be able to recreate this sort of effect. (the second painter stroke is the closest i could get using maximum added grain of 50% as any higher or lower is less grain for some obscure reason).


When are you planning to release this patch?


To repeat the above question, anybody heard when will the upcoming patch will be coming?

I would very much like to use my expensive program again. I hope they solve PIX’s vanishing act.


You need to spend more time experimenting with the brush controls, particularly in the Brush Controls’ Artist’s Oils palette.

Also try adjusting the Grain slider on the Property Bar and the Paper Contrast slider in the Papers palette.

It’s definitely possible to get an Artist’s Oils variant to paint so the trail off part of the brushstroke shows the Paper texture.

If your Paper is too smooth, the effect will be less visible, naturally.


maybe you could show me a good example brush then with the sharp start, edge breakup and dry tail breakup (not texture).

I’ve been unable to get such an effect having played with the grain (as stated bizarely strongest at 50%) and the artists oils settings themselves (though I was able to get some odd overlay of stroke artifacts).

the best i’ve achieved is something that starts out like a thined out oily paint on a ceramic tile that then turns into some sort of chalk before fading out…



I’ve done some experimenting, created a couple of demo images and a custom brush variant. Since that doesn’t really belong in this thread, I’ll post it all in a new thread named:

Jins_AO_DryBrush Custom Brush Variant for meme_sadie



hmm thanks, that’s a lot of work you put in there, but it is kinda the same result i was getting. the grain in painter starts well before the actual trailoff and in the darker areas evenly (as the lighter areas) so it looks like a kind of chalk block rather than grainy falloff.

really where it’s darker is where there’s more paint, so you’d expect the grain to only show through the lighter areas (as it does in the artrage stroke) till the pain runs out. but with painter the grain just sort of fades up throughout both think (dark) and thin (light) midway thorugh the stroke.