Wish you were here - Portrait of Marvin, Sabrina Bott (2D)


Title: Wish you were here - Portrait of Marvin
Name: Sabrina Bott
Country: Germany
Software: Photoshop

This is more about heartblood than sophisticated painting technics, but I saw the pet thread here on CGTalk and know that many of you share lonely computer hours with a fury companion and will understand…
My little friend Marvin was seriously ill in the last months and I worked on this portrait when ever I felt helpless and can’t do anything else for him - he always watched from his chair next to mine. I’m glad that I finished it for him in time and captured a typical pose - I had to let him go yesterday and just hope he knew how much he brightened my life and how much I’ll miss him.



delicate and nice…

(ho and i have only one crit,since you did a lots of details ,i thing it misses features on the nose like little touches of clear pink and white)
take care…


Wonderful work!


sorry to you…take it easy…he lives forever in ur heart


That’s a really beautiful picture; cats can be very difficult to draw but you’ve captured him perfectly. I’m sorry that you lost such a good friend.


Yep, the only thing I don’t like is the disembodied composition. Just a personal thing, but I’d prefer Marvin’s body go to the edge of the canvas.


Thanks for the comments!

David, now that you said this I agree, the nose could need a little more attention - guess I was too much fixed on the eyes…Perhaps it’s not the final version after all…

Kenny, glad that you like the picture! You have a point with the disembodied composition, I should have cropped it more neatly or just paint the missing body part.

Keiko, thanks for the nice words and you’re right, there will always be a place in my heart for him…

Amelia, thank you, a friend he was for sure !

Wish you all a nice day!



i think a beautiful tribute…


Thanks for your comment, Claudia, much appreciated!



Hey Sabie! Didn’t catch this one until now - sorry. It’s a beautiful portrait of him, and I really feel for you… can’t imagine how it will feel the day I have to let go of my own furry buddy.

Are you passing on the challenge this time? I did, since I couldn’t come up with a good enough idea - also I’m lazy :wink:


Hey there Gunie,

thanks for the visit, glad you like the painting…and don’t try to imagine how it feels, I miss him all the day, even hard to concentrate on working without him around. Hope you and your fluffy one are well, give an extra hug fom me!
And yes, I’ll have to miss this challenge, busy until end of July and then I’m planning to be very lazy myself - it’s summer after all!

Have a good time!:wavey:



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