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In the near future I will buy a laptop - and since I don’t wanna plug in my stereo system each time I wanna hear my mp3s I’m searching for a wireless solution.

First I thought that Apples Airport Express would be the perfect solution, but now I recognized that you can either hear to music or use it as an access point - which is pretty useless, I wanna surf in the net AND listen to music.

And both, Airport Express and Airport Extrem togehter is too expensive.

I found some “media center” which can be connected per ethernet to your pc (or in my case to a wireless lan router), they are pretty nice but also expensive - and the main problem here is, that you can choose your music only with the remote control - but I wanna switch through my music with winamp or some other kind of mp3 player.

I also found a bluetooth kit - but here the problem is that it’s not finished…you have to build it yourself…and…well I’m not the best in these things :wink:

So does anyone know a solution for my problem? Maybe there are USB sticks or something like that which you can plug in a usb port from a wlan router which give you a stereo out. Or some cheap ethernet solutions? Or the best would be a wlan router which provides this (like apple).


Airport express can be used as both an AP and Wireless audio at the same time.

Get a laptop that supports .11g wireless, then plug the Airport Express into your stereo you can always stream from your laptop to your stereo. If your wanting to surf, your still going to need a .11g base station connected to your internet connection, for this you can get a regular Linksys wireless gateway router. Then any machine can stream to the AE, and the AE will extend your wireless range. That is unless all your going to have is a laptop, then you can run your internet connection to the AE.

Linksys also has this: http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc.asp?description=33-124-117&depa=1

But you still need a base station for the rest of your network.


yes I know I can do this - but thats the problem…I mean 140€ just to stream mp3 to my stereo system is…a bit expensive


Actually, 802.11b is more than enough to do both if u are looking for a slightly cheaper solution. My home network is built around an 802.11b wireless router. My main workstation is hardwired to the router and all other nodes of the network receive data wirelessly for both web surfing and mp3’s at the same time.


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